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Noel Pond


21 May 2016 at 13:52:33 MDT

The 2nd redesign that Witchfiend ( did for me. the lovely noel has gotten a rather magnificent redesign, and an overly long description to go with it. witchfiend's pic can be found here (

also bad planing on my part, the background doesn't really match the story i gave her. i wanted to pay tribute to the original pic but in doing so kinda screwed myself over. oh well!

Name: Noel Pond

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5' 2”

Weight: 131 Lb (human) – 378 Lb (mutant)

Cup Size: A (human) – C (mutant)

Species: Scorpion Mutant

Birthday: June 23rd

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Location: Miami - Florida

Occupation: Child Actress

Sexuality: Straight


-Highly Toxic Venom

-Strong Armor

-Pincers that can crush bone

Weakness: Due to her desert nature, extreme heat is no big deal. But extreme cold is deadly, and can take her out in no time at all. Also she is rather slow and not very agile. Avoiding her tail and pincers, you can quickly attack and then flee over and over to wear her down.

Likes: reading, acting, singing, peace and quiet, and dancing

Dislikes: large crowds, parties and social events, watching movies she is in, and her parents

Personality: quiet, caring, shy, talented and loving

Contrary to how she may seem, Noel was one of the most famous child actors of her time. While she was rather quite and soft spoken normally, when the camera was rolling, she could be anything. Having a natural talent for performing, she quickly grew in fame. However the life of a celebrity was not one for her. While her parents forced her to attend events and premiers, she would rather spend her free time enjoying more simple pleasures.

Her latest role was sure to be the biggest one yet. She had been chosen to play the lead role in one of the most anticipated movies to date. The film had taken her to many locales across the country, but for the final scene, she found herself in Miami of all places. While she was happy to see the hustle of the filming to come to an end, she couldn't help but feel a bit of dread as they started shooting...

After a hard day's work, noel found herself stuck in another party; this one celebrating the end of filming. She really didn't care for the festivities, but with her parents pushing her to go, she couldn't really say no. Though when the party started, noel somehow was able to escape the action and make her way to the balcony of the hotel where the party was being held. She took a sigh of relief as she sat down to enjoy the peace of the night.

However, then came the blast...

While the news of the explosion did concern some of the party goers the next morning, it didn't stop them from celebrating even more the next morning. Noel didn't care for yet another party, especially since she had been suffering from a headache ever since being hit with the blinding light that came from the blast. She sat alone in the corner as the rest partied some more.

Though the partying would soon come to a stop, Noel found her headache to soon be the least of her worries. Before everyones' eyes, she fell to the floor as her body began to twist and warp. As party goers watched in horror, panic broke out as Noel found herself with a much more alien body. People fled in terror as noel reached out for any sort of help. Even her own parents looked at her in terror as they too ran in fear. In fear of what might happen if she stayed too long, Noel ran away, escaping the chaos to hide. She ran into the local forest, where she then cried the rest of the day away, unsure how to live out the new role life had given her....

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