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Pythonic Privacy 7 + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 7 + story


21 February 2015 at 00:16:34 MST

As Moka was losing himself to the fear, the serpent's body around him squeezed, fixating his shoulders and bringing his head higher up. Jajuka's jaws closed slowly and his eyes came into view, now fully opened and glaring at the rabbit.

Bunny looked up and suddenly the snake's gaze occupied his whole world, the intense stare blocking out everything around him. Swirls emanated from the python's eyes, full of colour that seemed to envelop his vision, escaping him the moment he tried to focus on it, making him dizzy and drowsy despite the blinding terror he felt a moment ago. The python's presence seemed to grow, making his dominating position more fearsome, making the rabbit feel even smaller than he did; every time Moka tried to break eye contact, his eyes seemed to fall onto the giant colourful orbs again, wherever he tried to look, every time he looked back into those eyes; he felt a pressure inside his head grow making it harder and harder to think, a warm sensation entering his eyes, heating his face and making it harder to evade python's infectious gaze.

Rabbit heard words coming from all around him: "LOOK INTO MY EYES LITTLE ONE". The command seemed incontestable, the notion of disobeying – unthinkable. Staring unwaveringly into the python's hypnotic gaze, Moka was slowly losing the feeling of his body, the world around him shrinking into the affixing view before him, the giant snake's eyes looking past his pupils and into his malleable scared mind, the streams of liquid colour flooding in and blocking all of his senses, his fear, fatigue and soreness wiped clean, his chaotic thoughts, wishes and desires melting away. As his mind grew blanker and emptier, in a moment of peace enveloped in the python's will, he felt a thought forming in front of his mind, clouding all else: "DO NOT TRY TO ESCAPE".

He perceived the forest around him, the shadow of the tree he was in, to be the place of retreat; there was nowhere to run, this here was the only location he could be at all. The snake around him was here too, but there was nothing he could do – this was the sole place he could reside in, terrible predators or no. Where he was going or where he was coming from was a long forgotten memory, this forest and this spot was the destination of his, the world didn't exist outside of here and the idea of going anywhere else now was obviously bizarre and nonsensical.

The python brought his head closer to the bunny, maximizing the power of his command, pressing his nose into Moka's chest. His eyes were now above the rabbit's, closer than they've ever been. Bunny's body was still shaking from the adrenaline flooding him; he raised his arms blindly, placing his hands on snake's face. Between the pressure still cradling the bunny's frame and squeezing his legs and now the burden of the serpent's heavy head on his chest, he mumbled, a part of his unconscious mind still clinging to reality and its hopelessness: "Oh m-my god-..." Giant python, amused by the cute little hug of his nose and this helpless vocalization, taunted "YES-S-S?", his warm breath washing over his prey's abdomen and his dominating gaze causing blood to rush into Moka's head, heating his face; at this point, the snake's will was everything in rabbit's mind and the massive scalebound body was his entire world. Jajuka was a god made flesh to the trembling and weak little bunny.

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