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Pythonic Privacy 6 textless + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 6 textless + story


Finally, after a full minute of tasting the adrenaline-soaked fur and enjoying the weakness of his squirming rabbit, the python parted his lips, releasing his mouth from Moka's face. Mometarily holding his head still, he gave the dizzy rabbit a good look inside the darkness of his mouth and exhaled, warming his face with a gust of humid breath. His heavy head planted on top of the gasping rabbit's torso, fully covering it from above, a loop of the great snake's body pressed gently around the rabbit surrounding him from the sides, pressing his legs close together and the tail staying under him, holding him from making contact with the ground.

Mokadu panted and moaned after another bout of asphyxiation the predator forced on him, his eyes wandering dizzily, looking up and seeing dark thick crowns of the trees above but unable to see anything to his side, the lime belly scales of the serpent encasing him deeper, covering his body; a moment of peace and some sweet deep breaths cleared his mind, allowing him to slowly focus on the scaly lips laying on his chest in front of him and the huge intimidating eyes behind them. As he made eye contact with Jajuka, the serpent glared back and lifted his heavy head, bringing his mouth closer again, whispering: "Look at me, bunny." Mokadu could do nothing else, the python's head raising above him, the body behind it snaking along like a creek, bending as if preparing for a strike. The heavy jaw moved as another whisper left the massive lips: "Look at my body. Sense how heavy it feels, pressing on you legs and your chest, simpy lying around you."

Warm breath of the python washing over him, Mokadu's hands trembled, instinctively trying to block his face, to hide and look smaller. All he could watch was the python's mouth above him moving slowly and deliberatly, but his body was free to sense the large scales around him, the thick loop of the body holding him, powerful muscles leisurely squeezing his hips and shoulders as if giving massage to his weakened limbs. The giant snake now felt even bigger, his body laying next to the rabbit's, allowing the prey to fully take in the size of the predator looming just above him, whispering to him, playing with him.

A realization came: the snake is not going to play forever. He was caught by a predotor far more powerful than him and he will now be eaten. The body he was thinking about now is going to be his final resting place and it doesn't even seem that the python with give him the mercy of unconsiousness before swallwoing him – he could've stopped his breath twice already, but chose not to. As he vividly imagined himself within this terryfiying huge body, struggling to get out in darkness, the strength that now holds him still pushing him deeper and deeper in, panic started to grasp him again, thumping heartbeat flooding his mind, his body trembling.
It was then that he noticed the giant python's maw in front of him opening again, giving him a mortifying view of the entrance to the rest of his life as another waft of scentless steamy breath emanated from the bottomless mouth along with a whisper: "When I swallow you, you will not even make a bulge..."

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