Spooning with Tongs by InfiniteSilence

Spooning with Tongs


6 June 2020 at 16:53:46 MDT

"So, boss man," the horse asked in bemusement.

"Yes, beloved assistant?" the gryphon responded, slightly muffled.

"Remind me again how this constitutes proper on-the-job conduct?"

"Oh, that's very simple, see, as my assistant your supposed to see what I can't."


"And you can't very well do that if I can see perfectly well. So naturally I get to bury my face in things to help you do your job."

"Typically I'm just supposed to get what you miss with the assumption that you'll be trying to minimize that amount. You want me to see EVERYTHING then?"

"Yes, look elsewhere, pay attention to everything, be distracted and let me play with my toys."

"Okay, see, that would have been a perfect opportunity for you to make excuses for why I'm giant. You could have said the higher vantage was to help me see things."

"There, see! This is why you get the big bucks. You just saw what I didn't so effortlessly."

"Would you have seen that if you weren't buried in pecs?"

"We'll never know, now will we?"

"How big am I going to get?"

"We'll never know, now will we?"


Sketch by Juacamo

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