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Should Have Seen This Coming by InfiniteSilence

Should Have Seen This Coming


12 June 2020 at 16:14:56 MDT

So a superhero, a janitor, a wizard, and a monster walk into a bar...

That's not the setup to a joke, they're just here to play cards. Sometimes its tough to find people to hang out with.

Unfortunately, they're not really the best sports. As soon as somebody suggested strip poker things started going wrong.

The wizard is cheating, the hero has his hackles up, the janitor doesn't even know what the fuck, and the monster seems to be playing an entirely different game.

Before the whole world slips into chaos, somebody should probably figure out why caught it before it was too late.


Art by Juniorjosi
The Angry Bunny is Shay from Jusiven
The Smug Dragon is Lars from JustBuckingham
The Fox and Horse are mine


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    Someone is going to be sent to the shadow realm

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      Maybe, but I don't think any of them would have TOO much trouble getting back out.