Tall Walks on the Beach by InfiniteSilence

Tall Walks on the Beach


26 April 2020 at 10:40:21 MDT

"So honey, I found out something interesting about you the other day," Amy smiled teasingly at her girlfriend, wrapping around her as she walked along the shoreline.

"Is it that my tail is about to collapse?" Aria said back, indulging her significant other with a tail-ride despite the werewolf's not insignificant mass.

"No, it's something that's actually true. Remember how you said I needed some spells of my own?" Amy continued.

"I was not the drunk one at the time, so yes," Aria quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh I never get drunk. You think I'd threaten to kick your ass if I was drunk? That'd be abuse or something. That's a certified sober Amy chops busting,"

“Much more desirable in a relationship, I'm sure. So, you learned enough fireballs that you think you can take me?” Aria flexed her fingers idly.

“Only the latter I'm afraid, getting magical powers turned out to be really hard.”

"Who would have imagined."

"But I -did- find a magical mirror! One that showed me other places and times, things that are and might have been, dark desires and blazing truths!" Amy waggled her eyebrows.

"That the ad copy?" Aria asked.

"Yes. Anyway, aren't you curious what I saw?" Amy asked in return.

"I'm going to guess some alternate version of yourself or me from a less quiet part of the multiverse, or in the dark future after I find out what you did to my panties."

"Well, yes, technically," Amy pouted, pushing out her cheeks, "But I still think the specifics might interest you. Somewhere out there, you're a Goddess."

"That doesn't surprise me, you say that nightly."

"Yes but THIS version of you gets to use it with a capital-G."

"That doesn't sound like a good idea for anybody," Aria said dismissively, before her hand reached up to stroke her chin in thought as a smirk spread across her face anyway.

"Admittedly you having entire worlds as your toys doesn't seem to satisfy like I do," Amy struck a pose, aiming her best features in the way of her girl's contemplating gaze, "But I have good news there, too!"

"I'm listening."

"There's an alt version of me out there who is pretty fuckin' hot. She's got all my best features but SHE'S actually tall. Also a planeswalker or a robot or some nerd shit like that. It was remarkably inconsistent."

"You're a better woman than I to consider that a plus rather than a point of envy... or derision."

"Well admittedly the good part is that I think she's going to meet that version of you as well, which means we'll be together all across the multiverse!"

"I envy your optimism and pity your alternate self," Aria said.

"I pity yours," Amy smirked.


Commission from Bakki