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Term-17 Anthro Ahri by Inert-Ren

Term-17 Anthro Ahri


9 January 2019 at 10:38:57 MST

Happy 2019, Folks!!!

After your Quick feedback, it was decided that Term-17 would be released now in January, and so here it is!
First had Dinosaucers, and then World of Warcraft.
Now it's time for Expansion! This is the first piece of my new series, based on League of Legends!
I'll make as many Champions as possible, on their Anthro versions! Beware: I will NOT follow a species pattern, so I'll have more freedom, and you'll be able to see Furries, Scalies, Feathers, and anything that can be imagined.

I hope you all enjoy it, and let the new creations begin!

So, please support this Patreon Project, and allow it to continue on and on!

Also, if you lost any of the previous Terms, you can find them at my Gumroad:

Many many thanks!

Regarding the use of this Artwork:

If don't care about Artists, you probably won't read this.
If you do care about Artists, you probably don't need to read this.

So, this is for those who are reluctant:
I can't prevent you from using this Artwork without Authorization.
But I'd like to ask you NOT to use it this way.

Think about it. If you use pieces without giving any credit to the Artist, you will be contributing to the gradual extinction of them, as less and less, they won't be able to live from art and will have to migrate to another profession.

So, if you want to contribute with a more colorful and creative world, support Artists.

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