Term 2 - Armored Dimetra by Inert-Ren

Term 2 - Armored Dimetra


2 October 2017 at 12:45:48 MDT

That's the first Gender-Flipping for the dinosaucers project!
I hope you all enjoy it!

Dimetra is Allo's assistant, and a scientist/mechanic of the group. Dimetra is an evolved Dimetrodon, which is a synapsid or mammal-like reptile, rather than a dinosaur. He can Dinovolve into a large Dimetrodon.

Ancestor Species: Dimetrodon limbatus
Length: 1.7 to 4.6 Meters
Weight: 28 and 250 Kilograms

Ever heard about the Dinosaucers? It's a 1987 Cartoon Series with a huge potential, which was unfortunately spoiled by a shallow, childish direction.

And this is my very first Patreon Project. I'm here to resurrect them, and give the idea a modern and bright face. I have no doubts you all will enjoy it, both old and new fans.

So, please support this Patreon Project, and allow it to continue on and on!


Many many thanks!

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Think about it. If you use pieces without giving any credit to the Artist, you will be contributing to the gradual extinction of them, as less and less, they won't be able to live from art and will have to migrate to another profession.

So, if you want to contribute with a more colorful and creative world, support Artists.

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