Manhaar! by IncomingSavalanche



19 April 2019 at 21:44:41 MDT

Slightly old, but probably one of the newest ones I've posted, artwork of Manhaar for LordDominic LordDominic !!

Finally got to that point in time where I shaded hair a LOT better and more realistically than I had been previously lmao

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    This one is super-cute, even now. Don't worry that it's "slightly old", it still holds up.
    If I ever try to do proper pixel art I'll have to steal, err, study your technique, especially with the lighting/shading and texturing.

    You are still better at hair than I am! Weird anime mullets that are spiky, somehow. I guess that's just how I like to draw hair.

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      Thank you!! It's probably my favorite out of all the art I've made for you, mostly because it has the most updated way I do the shading lmao I hate the way I used to shade hair now that I've changed my method and all the old art where I've shaded it like the old way makes me :\

      Go ahead!! I love when people draw inspiration from my style and use it to help them develop their own :> It's very flattering

      Just gotta practice and experiment, I used to draw hair real ugly lmao but I kept working on it and eventually got to something decent!