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Pumpkin Jack by ImagineThis

Pumpkin Jack


Head Cannon voice:
"You want something you ain't sposed to have? Jack's got yah baby." ~Pumpkin Jack

"Jack?...he's a weird one, according to him he's existed ever since Jack-o-Lanterns were a thing. He's kind of a weirdo." ~Zeke Amos, Ghost and resident people watcher.

According to Pumpkin Jack's dossier he was first sighted exiting the forest that surrounds Midtown roughly 170 years ago, fully grown into the "Man" he is today. He shortly became a public nuisance, as those who consider themselves minor deities are wont to do. He very quickly began building a gang until roughly 1/10th's of the human population of Midtown joined him, This gang would soon come to be known as "The Smashing Pumpkins" No relation. His hideout is based somewhere in the twisting underground of Midtown sewer, where it seems a bit of black magic keeps everyone except for his followers from navigating it.

Real Name: N/A
Alias: Pumpkin Jack.
Species: Plantkin, possible minor deity
Abilities: Strong Pyrokinetic abilities, High-level Black Magic, Uncanny charisma despite his otherworldly appearance.
Preferred weaponry: Pistols lovingly Dubbed "Jack and Jill" and a Jack-O-Lantern themed baseball bat.
Power Base: Gang of roughly 100 strong with seemingly boosted abilities through unknown means.
Profit Base: Narcotics, Weapons, Mythical Beast Parts.
Threat Level: High

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