Bite of Cake 7/7 by ilbv

Bite of Cake 7/7


27 May 2015 at 00:32:55 MDT

When Snow was having his birthday, Lux and I wanted to give him a surprise. Lux however wanted to add an extra ingredient to Snow’s cake.

OH MY GOSH HE LIVES! Seems like ilbv squirmed to the very back corner of the cake, knowing what Snow would do, how is this possible? Because he and Snow knew Lux would try some funny business and they prepared for anything.
Now Snow better hurry up and eat ilbv, cause if Lux wakes up and realizes the trick, he won't let ilbv out of his stomach for weeks! (After he gives him a massive panda squeeze and slobber down of affection)

ilbv - "Think we should tell him it was a joke?"
Snow - "Yup"


Snow - "I'm still gunna eat ya though"
ilbv - "Ok"

Art & ilbv © Me
Lux © Luxeon Jade
Snow © Anthony Snow