Dreamings of Ira by ilbv

Dreamings of Ira


24 May 2015 at 23:56:59 MDT

So I had a dream where I was sitting beside Ira and we were talking about the life of his creator and we were having friendly conversation. Then I woke up in my dream and was sitting on my bed wanting Ira to be real.

I was going to attempt that in this drawing but right as I started I knew I wouldn’t have enough space on my paper to fit in Ira’s whole body (I am the worst for trying to get a full body on a page) and it turned into this, so…yeah my fantasies with a good friend and his lovely character.

It could be because I had chatted with him recently that he showed up in my dreams, but coincidently as I was finishing up drawing these doodles, Ira came on Skype and startled me quite a bit. I had to squirm out of my embarrassment over my poor interpretation of his righteously created character and I shared them with him, fully expecting that he would see it as amusing and move on. I always hope I can impress him, but I really think I am kidding myself on that one.

Art © ilbv
Ira © iragremka