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Asian Legend by ilbv

Asian Legend


This is the name of the first sushi restaurant I ever went to in about 2006, it was a delightful experience. Before that, I only thought one could get sushi at the Mandarin Buffet restaurant.

First time being eaten by an Eastern Dragon.

There are a lot of foods out there in the world, and a little culture never hurt anyone. Somethings we may find unsavory are delights in other parts of the world, like chocolate covered crickets, fried pig tongue, chicken feet, frog legs, and red bean ice cream (I personally have tried these, all but the chicken feet I give a big thumbs up to) other countries might really enjoy and have labeled as a delicacy. There are numerous things out there, and being a foodie I like trying it all, at least once. What does this have to do with this Eastern Dragon Vore Picture? I have no idea.

I guess perhaps I am a delicacy to an Eastern Dragon, since before the existence of this picture I had never been eaten by one.

Thank you Jett for giving me a little bit of culture <3

Art © jettailchu-92
ilbv © ilbv

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