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Garth Has a Jett by ilbv

Garth Has a Jett


Part 1 of 3, only this one was colored as far as I'm aware.
The rest can be seen here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

The day was a mild spring afternoon, the clouds were light gray, the wind was a whistle, and birds chirped outside. Issac was at the grocery store, shopping for that night’s dinner. Thunder was down for a nap in the guest bedroom, his stomach churning over his lunch. Garth and Jett were snuggling on the couch in the living room, having some alone time. It wasn’t often that they had such a moment. Garth inhaled deeply, his chest rising under Jett’s fur, lifting the wolf with it. Jett smiled and nuzzled into Garth’s neck. “You’re sweet Jett,” he said in a husky exhale. Jett lowered with the breath and slid back against Garth’s pecs, smiling and wagging his tail slowly. “Aww…thanks Garth”. The Minotaur felt the rumbling beneath his toned stomach, his abs nearly vibrating with the eagerness. Jett could feel it too pressing against his own smooth belly fur. Garth’s tongue licked across his lips, drool beginning to gather and spill from his mouth, “so, so sweet.” Garth finished in a low growl, wanting and hungry. He opened his mouth and grabbed Jett’s hips, lifting the wolf forward and into his maw. Jett slid onto the hungry Bovine’s tongue and felt the saliva begin to soak into his fur, tasting and licking against him. “Mmm, GOOD!” Garth muffled around Jett’s head as he pushed more of the wolf inside. Jett smiled to himself, a little blush at his cheeks as Garth took more of him inside. Jett’s snout began to slide over the back of Garth’s tongue; his uvula swag in the deep back, Jett was going in more and more. He slid in deeper as Garth lifted and forced Jett inside, wanting this tasty treat all for himself. He began to eagerly swallow.

Art & Jett © jettailchu-92
Garth & Story © ilbv

Original Page 1:
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