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Drooly Roo by ilbv

Drooly Roo


Duke had this condition where everytime he brought me closer to his mouth a lot of saliva would start pooling and drooling out. The only way to cure him was for him to swallow it, but he needed me to be inside his mouth while he did so I could make sure the drooling stopped. The problem with this was I always ended up sliding down his throat after the first swallow and I was never able to make sure his condition stopped, though he always assured me that after swallowing me, he was cured.

I hope all you other preds don’t have this condition, or else I’ll have to help you cure it.

Art & Duke © Mister-D
ilbv © ilbv


Sadly I've lost contact with Duke, and he seems to have completely disappeared, having not made any kind of post since 2013 on any of his platforms. I worry he is no longer with us, or he has decided to completely abandon this part of his life. Either way, his time in my life was special and I liked being his friend and prey. I still miss him, and he comes to my mind often.
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