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Beware the Big Bad Jett by ilbv

Beware the Big Bad Jett


Jett takes his role as the Hungry Big Bad Wolf very seriously, and we all know how this will end, sans woodman.

Vorish Fairytales are responsible…
I made a YCH raffle many years ago and used this as a template with the spot of the Wolf up for grabs, and I ended up not wanting to pick a single winner because there were so many wolves who wanted to be a part of it, so I took it on myself to make everyone a winner and I would redraw each entrant as the Wolf. I got 3 deep, before I became overwhelmed by the complex process of it all at the time. It’s taught me a few things about myself.

Jett © Jett
Art & ilbv © ilbv
Made May 30, 2013 with MS Paint
Original Raffle Posting: