Eventual Rescue by ilbv

Eventual Rescue


6 May 2019 at 22:24:57 MDT

Was shown a Whale from One Piece that had this same expression and I visualized a scene in which I was in desperate need of some help and this whale and my Orca, Pike were observing me struggle, and drew it, even back then when my artwork was a lot less developed.
I imagine they eventually swim up to me and Pike scoops me up into his mouth, to which the other Whale is startled and confused.

ilbv: "Someone help me I'm Drowning!"
Pike: "See what I tell ya? He is so helpless, don't you just want to snuggle him?"
Whale: "He's adorable...but shouldn't we save him?"
Pike: "Eventually".

Drawn on July 16, 2013