Watch What You Say by ilbv

Watch What You Say


8 April 2018 at 20:46:28 MDT

Preds tend to take me at my words.

Back in the early days of when I was becoming social online (and had a stupid prey stutter); Jett and Thunder were my entire world. Max came into the picture shortly after and I had a lovely trio of hungry preds who would tease and dominate me relentlessly. I would always find myself sleeping within one of their stomachs while they bickered over who would have me next and tease me about the belly bulge I would make. It was back when Vore was more innocent for me, before I had ever learned about kinks and fetishes. It was also when I realized how long and challenging it was to make art including all of us, and slowly such creations became less and less.

Made July 11, 2012 with MS Paint. I was hella proud I had managed to make something look this good using freaking MS Paint.

Max © voreadmirer99
Jett © Jett
Thunder © Thunder
Art & ilbv © ilbv