MFF 2016 Convention Badge by ilbv

MFF 2016 Convention Badge


29 December 2016 at 23:14:28 MST

MFF 2016 was my first ever convention and I never had a badge before, so Jett made one up for me and laminated it himself! What a sweetheart!

He made me look so smug x) not my regular demeanor or personality, but it was fun to have a badge at this con, made me feel that much more included.

I was a little intimidated to wear it out in public at first because then people can search up the name and see what I'm into, but eventually I was more comfortable with it. And it was really fun walking around with my Wolf and Horse while they were in suit and I was their little human companion, taking pictures for them and enjoying the experience.

I don't think anyone recognized me so that's a somewhat relief x)
I love my badge Jett ^^

Badge made by my Best Friend and Roommate; Jett © Jett
ilbv © ilbv