Protecting Its Own by ilbv

Protecting Its Own


23 November 2015 at 09:49:53 MST

Toothless wants to make sure that his fellow nightfurries and humans are safe, so sometimes he has to eat the threats.

I am not a big fan of HTTYD Vore because it is just too perfect to taint with Vore. This happened to be a raffle spot I won, but it’s a nice picture and WeWo has always been a talented artist with a very unique style.

Art © wewo

ilbv © ilbv

Spectre Night © spectre118

De'Vout Numelran © Bruyaglovae

Zearo Montagabloz Zelitos VIII © zearo8

Tobos © Tobos

Toothless © Dreamworks Animation & Cressida Cowell