We Stand With Paris by ilbv

We Stand With Paris


14 November 2015 at 19:00:43 MST

The horrific events of Paris have shocked the world.

Paris holds a special place in my heart, I have done a lot of work and volunteer stuff there, it is my other home. I feel violated and disgusted by the violence that has taken place in my other home.

I mourn for those who have died, I ache for those who are injured, and for the families who lost some one.

I sympathize for all of the refugees who were trying to escape this terror, and will now unfairly be accused and scrutinized because for what has happened.

Many other terrible things happened this Friday the 13th, Human evil and Destructive Nature, in many different parts of the world. So many hearts have stopped beating, so many souls released to whatever comes after death.

It is shocking and scary the world we live in when such evil lurks, but we as humanity are above and better than the attempts at fear.

Obama, Trudeau, and the Queen are my leaders, and I know they along with the others at the G20 (I know the Queen personally doesn't go to that, but the British Prime Minister does) will discuss and deliberate and the rest of the world will know how each of our major countries will handle this crisis and how it will affect our own countries and securities.

Everyone will have something to say, everyone has an opinion, and so many people would rather be right and shut down those who they believe are wrong, that things like this happen.

I know the world has been through a lot, and it will continue to do so until its end.

For now I focus on Paris, because that is what is most familiar to me, and it is something that I personally hold dear.

RIP to the victims.

We Stand With Paris.