An Empty Space by Ikodo Moonstrife

An Empty Space

Ikodo Moonstrife

28 January 2013 at 22:01:48 MST

Old Art - 2012

"Memory wipe?", I quickly ask, "How severe? What did you do to me!"

The camera repositions itself as I move about the room, restlessness building inside me. Theta answers once more.

"Yes, S-223, a memory wipe, a brainwash, whatever term you would prefer. It was performed by yours truly to protect Emlar's cloning procedures and secrets. These 'danger memories' are , of course, quite hard to narrow down, so I performed a complete wipe. All left behind should be simply skills and vocabulary", she gives me a second to meditate upon this news, "Don't worry, consider it a garbage collection. That really was what all that was in there, as I'm sure you'd agree. You should be thankful."

Thankful!? THETA's words infuriate me. Countless memories were lost in that wipe, all of them irreplaceable. Who is she to judge what is valuable to me?

I stare back into the camera, and mutter one word, "Monster."

A contest entry for RitusTheMarlFox on DA, to accompany his excellent story; "S-223"

The above is an excerpt from S-223, written by RitusTheMarlFox

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    I kind of like these prison uniforms.

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      Thanks, I like how it turned out as well. This was pretty much how I envisioned them from Ritus's story.

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        Foxes in spandex= instant win.