Hazel eyes by Iko

Hazel eyes


20 December 2014 at 18:20:11 MST

My half of a trade with hazelmark on FA or their character Hazel. I adored doing this despite the difficulty I had with scanning and editing.

6-7 hours, mixed media, traditional pencil sketch with digital colors in Manga studio.

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    Aw, now this is really gorgeous! She's such a pretty character, and I love her color scheme and especially the little mottled dark patches on her fur. Plus you really do draw some of the prettiest rabbits around, and I love how you've drawn her ears and her feet, and that you've even given her claws! That seems like such a rare feature to be included, but it's one I've always really liked. The mood of this is really lovely, too, and I like her cheerful, thoughtful attitude and the overall peaceful feel of the moment. Sitting outside a cafe on a warm, summer day is such a pleasant way to pass an afternoon and you've really captured the mood so beautifully here.

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      Thank you so much. I absolutely love getting your comments! My rabbit Loui had some wicked claws ( we went to have them trimmed but the groomer said he was okay and didn't need it). I really love trades because it usually lets me have complete freedom over a character of my choosing!