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The Gargantuan Wager by iconmaster

The Gargantuan Wager

For Napther, the blue drake of legendary size, this day was supposed to be a simple one. As usual, he had no plans, and nothing important to do- Just sleep, and eat. Napther especially liked those two things, and expected to do nothing more than that all day.
As it turned out… He was going to do a lot more of the latter thing today than he expected.

Napther was awake, but he felt no need to open his eyes. He was half-asleep, sprawled on his back in the summer sun. He just took in the warm feeling of the rays on his yellow belly plates, and shifted his body into a more comfortable position on the grassy plain. Today was going to be a simply excellent day, he thought…
And then he heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, sleepy-head… How’s it going?”
Devos, a small, grey dragon, was a friend of his. Napther knew a lot of the lesser dragons; they enjoyed currying his favor. Often with delicious tributes…
Except for this one. Devos simply loved talking at length to him about new things he’d find in his art of alchemy. Napther had no mind for such stuff, but Devos always talked about it. And to top it off, Devos rarely gave him tribute… Internally, Napther was none too enthused about hearing his voice.
“Ah, Devos. What is it yo-”
Napther lazily opened his eyes, and then stopped mid-sentence.

When Napther opened his eyes, he was met with Devos’s snout, looming over him. This would not be out of the ordinary… If he wasn’t usually around 6 feet tall.
Napther was 300 feet tall, a truly Kaiju-class drake. And here Devos was, standing next to Napther, able to look down at him. Today, Devos was as big as him!
And Napther did not like this at all. His eyes went wide immediately on viewing the now-massive grey dragon. For a second, he was speechless. He just looked at Devos’s grinning snout for a few seconds.
Napther then spoke. “What is this?”

“This,” Devos said, “is the new me.”
The grey dragon smirked. ”Pretty nice, eh?”
Napther could hardly believe his eyes. Only a handful of things on this world were as big as he, and Devos never used to be one of them. Napther rolled around slowly, and took a better look at the dragon before him.
It was real. There was Devos, standing tall and eye-to-eye with the massive drake.
Napther huffed. “You’ve grown.”
“Observant.” Devos chuckled. “And do you know why I’ve grown?”
Napther sighed. “... Why?”

Napther collected his thoughts. From what he knew, Friedburg was a human city, not too far from here. It was well known for… Well, Napther was not sure. He took little interest in the affairs of humans. He just liked it when they gave him things to eat.
And when they refused to give him things to eat… He did enjoy eating them as well.
Napther grunted. “And what of that place?”
“Well, as you know, most of the humans around here are part of the Draconic Accord.”
Napther knew of this pact. It was a treaty between human and dragon, giving the dragons (which included him by proxy) tribute in exchange for protection from their own kind.
“Of course.” Napther wished that Devos would get to the point.
“Well, guess what city just told us that they aren’t part of the pack any more?”
Napther connected the dots. “Friedburg?”
Devos smiled. “Exactly. And so that means they’re fair game for you to… Well, you know.”
“Well, I had an idea for what to do.”

Napther was still a tad in the dark about why Devos was as big as him, so he decided he needed to ask.
“An idea? And why does it involve you being so… Large?”
Devos grinned proudly. “See, I made myself a nice new concoction… A Potion of Growth.”
“Yes... But why?”
“Because, see, I’d simply love to make a little wager with you.”

A wager? Napther snorted. “And what do you have in mind?”
As Napther slowly got on his feet, Devos circled around him slowly. “Well, all my friends say that I have a huge appetite for a dragon. So, I thought, what if...” He smiled. “What if I was your size? How much could I eat?”
Devos kept going. “I wish to give you a bet. If we divide Friedburg in half, I bet you that I can finish eating my half before yours.”
At this mention, Napther’s head snapped to Devos’s position behind him. If anything could interest the blue-and-yellow drake, it was rampage…
“And what would you gain from this bet?” Napther asked.
Devos looked at the ground. “Hmmm….” he mused a second, before looking back at Napther. “How about… The single most valuable piece from one another’s hoard.”
Napther thought about this. He didn’t want to lose his precious gold bar… But, on the other hand, Napther was almost fully confident he could beat a dragon so unused to this art. And the prize would almost certainly be a powerful magic item… Devos hoarded magic items and alchemical reagents.
Napther huffed. “I think I can accept those terms. Shall we leave to Friedburg now?”

Friedburg was an old city. A long time ago, they had built a huge wall around themselves for protection. They used to be the Great Walled City. That is, until the city outgrew its limits, the houses spilling past the walls. A long time later, the old wall fell into disrepair and crumbled, having served its purpose. All that remained, eventually, was one section of the wall.
As it would happen, this wall almost perfectly divided the modern-day city of Friedburg in half.

“Do you see what I mean, Napther? Almost perfectly in half.” Devos said, lifting a foreleg in the direction of the old structure.
Napther huffed. “I suppose so… But I wish to pick my half… Just in case.”
“What, you don’t trust me?” Devos said, grinning. “Well, okay, if you wish. Pick a side!”
The two huge dragons stood at the edge of the city. Napther had registered the fact that more humans than usual had begun to crowd around on the streets close to them, perhaps in curiousity. Did they know what the two drakes were planning to do? Napther thought for a second.
Devos tapped his hind leg. “Well?”
Napther lumbered over past the other side of the wall they were at the end of. “I think… This one.”

Devos padded over to his own side of the wall, and stared out at the urban sprawl. Napther watched in idle anticipation.
“Devos… Are you ready to go?”
“Any time you are.”
“I am ready… And hungry.”
“Well… So am I! So, 3… 2… 1...” Devos started. After the count of 1, Napther had enough waiting. He lept forward, almost immediately crushing a house underfoot.
Devos jumped at Napther’s sudden movement. “Hey, no fair!” he said, before rushing into his side of the city.

On the outskirts of the city were the residences. Small houses, homes to countless families, were spread out in even lines. Before, this place was kept tidy. More recently, it was being converted to a lot of rubble by a few dragons.
The people, once gathered, started to scramble as Napther barreled towards them, not paying attention to the screams. With a loud “Skreeeeeeeonk!”, he jumped in, the shockwave of his initial thump knocking over several more houses than were crushed underneath his claws. With a fast swipe of a foreleg, Napther scooped up several buildings, digging tracks into the ground and tearing so many places from their foundations. Cupping them in his claw, Napther tossed his ball of buildings into the air and caught it in his waiting jaws. With a loud crunch, they were gone.
With deadly efficiency, Napther lumbered forward and took out more of the city. As he quickly smashed another block under him, his ears detected a noise coming from the other side of the great wall. Towering above all humans, the wall did nothing to obscure Napther’s vision of the grey dragon next to him.
“Skooooooooook!” Devos roared. Napther furrowed his brow. That sounded familiar, yet a bit off…

Napther continued his line of devastation. Even if his mere footsteps knocked the city level, he took the time to stretch his limbs and tail, making vast swathes of ruins. Napther roared with every adobe he uprooted and consumed. Deep inside him, his furnace of a belly melted down what it could… Napther felt his belly expanding with food, brushing up slightly against his legs.
Soon, Napther strayed into the crowded center of the city, the buildings getting larger. With a rumble of approval, he took up a large place of work and snapped it up in his jaws. Lowering his head, he swept several more into his mouth directly from the ground. Ever so slowly, he advanced to take the entirety of Friedburg.
And then, the very city hall lied before Napther. Surrounded by tall buildings, so many delicious stories high, the heart of the city lied before him. Below him, tiny people ran, completely unable to deal with a being as unusually large as Napther.
He started by clamping his jaws around one building. This one was big enough to make a snack all by itself, Napther thought, as he chewed and swallowed. He stepped forward while he slowly chewed, his stomach slowly carving its own path in the ground, the yellow-plated ball unyielding to the city streets.

With a gulp, down went the rest of the building. Napther idly knocked down another, taller one, and grabbed it up like the other. He could see people, big as ants, scrambling to escape the destruction the fallen building caused. With a huff, Napther took a step forward, crushing the city hall underfoot. Putting pressure to smash the building, once so precious to Friedburg, the hall crumpled like it was made of glass.
With a triumphant roar, Napther looked up at the city before him. He could see some city before him (although most of it was simply rubble at this point). The wall was still mostly intact, the mediator of his gargantuan wager.
And ahead of him… Was Devos?

Napther huffed. The grey dragon had been rampaging faster than him! Still on the other side of the wall, Napther could see him knocking over the city with glee.
With a prideful roar, Napther went back to converting the city to rubble… He couldn’t let Devos, one not used to being so big, beat him!

Devos could hardly believe himself when he so effortlessly got his mouth around the first few houses. At this size, it was so easy to destroy things! Things that once towered over him were barely visible without looking down!
It came easy to the grey dragon. He razed more and more, moving forward as he plowed into so many places, smashing some and lifting up others to eat. For him, things like infrastructure were never food… Devos though that these things tasted awfully dry, but were pleasant enough to gulp down.
So, naturally, Devos put in his all. Leaping forwards, he would smash all he could see with his limbs and tail, and then he would scoop up the remains and swallow it. Looking back at his blue friend, Devos picked up the pace. He might have been a newcomer to the realm of bigness, but he was no slouch!
He roared in glee as his pace began to outmatch Napther’s. Devos once could only look up to the enormous dragon… Now he was beating him! Friedburg’s market square was no match for Devos, who flattened the shacks and buildings with great speed.

Moving forward more and more enthusiastically, Devos gulped down what he didn’t completely destroy. Soon, a grumble of his stomach made him look down. It had become very full, bigger than Napther’s… Could he digest cities in this form? Devos chuckled, his belly jiggling against his legs. Ah well.
Devos continued to ruin the city, still stuffing some of Friedburg’s historical sites directly into his maw. He just couldn’t get enough! Soon, he could see the opposite edge of the city in the distance. The end was near! He was going to beat the drake of legend at his own game!
He lept forward, snatching a tall building in his maw. He brought his jaws together, watching as it groaned and cracked…
And then another groan got Devos’s attention. It was coming from his stomach.

Suddenly, Devos felt a tingling all over his body. He gasped, letting the building fall to the ground and explode into pieces. This felt familiar… Like the feeling he had when he took the growth potion.
Devos looked down at himself as the pinpricks increased. Was the ground getting closer? Quickly, he put two and two together.
The growth potion was wearing off!

Devos yelped as he realized what was going on. He twirled around in place, not knowing what to do. He didn’t have time to finish eating the city… He had to do something!
But nothing could be done. He could only watch as his head slowly came closer to the ground and he shrank.
But then Devos realized that he didn’t feel any less full. Looking more closely at his grey, stuffed belly, he realized that he was feeling MORE full. Staring at his own stomach, he noticed that it was looking bigger with every passing second.
The things inside his belly weren’t shrinking with him!

As the odd sensation overtook Devos, he could do nothing but watch. He flailed, but the buildings below him looked larger and larger… And so did his belly. Groaning, he clutched his now-taut belly. When he tried to put his front claws back on the ground, though, he found that he couldn’t- they instead rested on a layer of grey scales.
Eyes wide and scrambling, Devos quickly managed to shake forwards, making his hind legs slowly come off the ground as well. He was beached on his stomach, full of city! Yelping, he found himself still slowly shrinking as he clutched his still-huge, lumpy belly.

All he could do was watch as the world around him grew larger and larger. Soon, his head grew too small to see over his belly, growing to be even thinner around its contents. He wiggled his legs, now almost straight against the curve of his belly. The view became more and more filled by his own gargantuan stomach.
Devos whined. He couldn’t even move, much less eat more in this state! He cursed his faulty alchemy skills and flailed his limbs against his stomach, but it was to no effect.

Soon, Devos was nothing but a 6-foot-tall dragon with a hundred-foot-tall belly, his body but a speck compared to the mass of digesting buildings and people. It creaked and groaned, completely full.
And, at its center, Devos groaned as well, realizing that a few more blocks of untouched city lied before him. He laid his head down on his rumbling mass, and sighed.
Suddenly, a dark shadow eclipsed him. Devos snapped his head upwards to find the source of the thing. Unsurprisingly, it was the only thing bigger than Devos’s belly; Napther.
Devos looked up to see Napther’s head, many times bigger than the grey drake’s body, looming over his position. Napther was smiling.

The blue drake huffed, sending bouts of wind into Devos’s face. “So.” Napther began, “My half of Friedburg is now ruins.” Napther leaned in closer to hear Devos’s response.
“Yes.” Devos said sheepishly.
“And I see you were… Unable to finish.”
“... Yes.”
“Well then… I will accept my prize… When you can move again, of course.” Napther let out a playful puff, and brought a huge claw down to lightly press against Devos’s distended belly. It sank in with a rumble, the contents shifting.
“When… I can move again.” Devos sighed, and his stomach rumbled. He knew that that would be a very long time.

The Gargantuan Wager


21 May 2016 at 14:49:53 MDT

Napther, the drake of immense size, gets a challenger in Devos! Devos, suddenly being large, proposes a bet between the two of them... And it involves destroying plenty of things!

This is a Christmas gift for the amazing savagingdragon! Have a merry Christmas, Napther!

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