.:Kiss.Me.Fool:. by hyucaze



11 March 2014 at 13:40:22 MDT

I never really drew a kissing scene before, because I thought of it as being something personal but I said what the heck and I went for it.
But this scene does take place at night like sometime after dusk, also I never really kept up to date with my urban cityscape designs so I'm not really going to go into a whole bunch of detail in the back ground and I'm just going to blur and darken it a bit and and bring more lighting onto my two OC's so I can bring more focus on them.

 only by surprise Vell, only by surprise...

This was an interesting piece both personal and experimental but even though I can hardly describe this drawing it does have a lot of impact and romance, to its affect....

More hearts...

Art by me © hyucaze

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    To be honest, I like the blurred background effect in this image. You watch a live-action movie and when they focus on the main characters like this scene is, the background is no longer in sharp focus. Though a detailed background has a lot to show.. this one just fits in with the flow! I don't see it working for a background that is closer to the characters, but for one meant to be more distant, its quite tasteful ^,^

    As for the content, I think it's cute and I found the human's surprise semi amusing. Its sweet, and full of life. I can almost hear the background noises looking at it. (Cars honking and driving under the bridge, some sirens way off in the distance, voices muffled in the background, some light wind, a contented noise from her and a surprised sound from him)

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      Awww,omg this is the best comment/critique I have ever received, I mean just wow,.... Thanks, thank you so much for your feedback.
      And I agree! The background came out much nicer than I anticipated, what happened was I wasn't sure how well I was going to add detail to the background but I figured out that if I blurred the background my two OC's would stand out more.

      Again thanks.

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        Aww ^,^ I'm glad my comment made you smile, was going for open honesty but the joy my comment gave ya is a nice bonus ^,^ [good feels for accidental good deed] lol
        (brackets since * makes it into italics, instead of marks it as rp action text like non-changing would)

        You're right the blurred does makes them stand out more, the background is busy enough that if brought into focus it would take away from them (not too busy though, it is a city scene after all ^,^ ).