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Scene 6a keys by Hyprole

Scene 6a keys


7 March 2014 at 13:22:16 MST

Scene 6a keys - I'll be passing them off to someone else for inbetweening.

and oops slightly misleading preview. The scene isn't that complete yet :P

the Hunter and the Phoenix

Submission Information

Visual / Animation


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    Can't wait to see the rest!

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      Hey thanks! :D

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    Some great work there. Looking forward to seeing more!

    How are you working the inbetweening? Some poor fellow student has to do the work, while (I presume) you end up with someone else's to inbetween?

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      Thanks! o3o

      Well that's what it was like in previous years but this is my final year so we fourth years get to hand down work (like inbetweens or colouring) to the years below us so we can focus on our specialisims - mine being character animation and design - as well as our showreels. It actually benefits every student in the department because you can learn so much from inbetweening for the year above you - like what works and what doesn't. and omg how important it is to CLOSE YOUR LINES when inbetweening.

      open lines are a colourists hell (assuming they're using the fill tool in their process). Paying attention to things like that can make the whole process run a lot faster but alas not everyone considers what the person after them is going to have to do.

      aha sorry that turned into a little rant!

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        No need to apologize, that's cool information!

        Plus, sending it down to the junior years seems like a much smarter system. :D

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          Yeah! I think it's benefiting the course overall because I swear every year seem to show a little improvement in the quality produced. Although some of that might be because they have better equipment than before and the briefs change according to student feedback/what the industry is currently like.

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    Ohhhh wonder consistency! <3
    I love seeing updates for this :D