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The Analogue Cat by Huskyteer

The Analogue Cat


21 January 2016 at 12:15:40 MST

Tozer, a genetically engineered Pet, is an analogue cat in a digital world.

First published January 2015 in The Furry Future.

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    WOW. This is incredible. I love the perspective you used, the world you built and it's internal politics, and the way everything came together in the ending.

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      Thank you very much!

      It actually rose from the ashes of a longer story that turned out a bit of a mess. I only kept the bits I liked, and changed it to second person. I think the cutting down helped with the sense of a complete world, though I'd rather not end up writing 8000 words for every 2000 I keep!

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    Heh, figures there'd be ads with public healthcare. :S

    Seriously, though, this is quite good. The second person was an interesting choice, too. You managed to keep it from getting awkward, and it really comes into its own for the last few paragraphs. I'm not sure that lovely ending would have been possible in first or third.

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      Thank you - I'm glad you liked it! The second person came about because I wanted Tozer to be of indeterminate gender (because I shared the title on Twitter and somebody commented 'I hope the Analogue Cat is non-binary', and it came out weird-sounding when I used pronouns.

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    Now that was just wonderful...


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      Thank you for reading!