A real fox (pt. 1) by How2101

A real fox (pt. 1)


21 April 2020 at 18:23:54 MDT

Oh silly How, you have no chance of escaping! You were finished the second you put that first foot inside my silky, rubbery insides.

Oh, is it a bit too tight in there, How? My bad. My suit isn't meant for bipedal creatures. Let's change that, shall we? Or rather, let's change YOU.

Squeeze, massage, push.

shape, bend, - crunch -

Whoops, there goes your bones! No worries, they'll reform in a second - the way I want them to.

Ah, there we go, some nice, proper quadrepedal legs, truly fit for a fox! Doesn't that feel a lot better, How? Doesn't that feel more . . . proper? real? . . . Natural?

Now to get the rest of you down to size. Squeeze your tails inside, smush them together -

why have 3 tiny tails when you can have one giant, squeaky Nickit one?

Don't bother resisting, my dear How . . . just notice how good the rubber feels. Doesn't it feel just delightful?

Soon you'll be fully in my clutches, How. A skeleton for my formless, powerless costumed body.

Don't worry. You'll love it inside. I'll keep you alive, safe and warm and mindlessly blissful.

And you'll be happy knowing that you're part of a REAL fox now.

Soon . . .

Some personal art of myself, getting coaxed and squeezed into a nickit suit!

to do a sequel/ aftermath of the result