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A real fox pt. 2 by How2101 (critique requested)

A real fox pt. 2 (critique requested)


22 April 2020 at 19:56:05 MDT

Ah, my sweet little How.

Let's get the rest of ya inside my perfect shiny skin, shall we?

wrap your hands up inside my beautiful rubber paws, let's get them all nice and snug!

Do they feel a bit cramped in there? No worries, they won't be for long . . . just feel them getting massaged and squeezed, pressed and compressed smaller and smaller.

Your fingers are shriveling away into my skin, you don't need those useless things anymore! Why have "fingers" when you can have dainty, plush, soft pawpads?

Paws that sneak, paws that slink, paws that can step without leaving the slightest of sounds. Paws perfect for stealing!

But these perfect paws are useless with your sad, wimpy arms!

let's just stuff them in there, shall we? Grin as you feel the silky, soft rubber covering them up, sending shockwaves of pure pleasure into your brain.

Just submit to me, and you'll be feeling a lot more where that came from!

Now, let's reconfigure your arms, break these bones, regrow them, PERFECT them -

squeeze, smush, crunch, crack.

Doesn't that feel simply devine? You're on your way to becoming perfection. T

To becoming ME.

One more step. Now the head.

Put me on. Fully embrace me. Be happy. Be happy as the latex slides over your miserable fleshy skin ... over your ears, over your nose, over your mouth . . .

Breathe me in. Feel the tendrils of rubber seeping into your throat, sticking everywhere. Covering your teeth, your tongue, your throat. Feel me spreading into your veins, your lungs, your stomach . . . taking control of your organs and bones and muscles.

You're slowly losing control of your own body. And it feels absolutely amazing.

Your physical features conform to mine. Feel the surge of utter, beautiful pleasure pounding your brain into a mindless, submissive pulp. It feels good to submit. It feels truely fantastic.

Now we just need to change your way of thinking, Nickit.

You are not a kitsune. You are a fox. You are a REAL fox. You are a Nickit. You are mischevious and crafty and sly.

We're smart. We like to steal - no, reclaim what is ours. They don't deserve what they can't keep!

You are a mischevious Nickit.

We are a mischevious Nickit.

I am a mischevious Nickit.

I am a real fox!

Now, let's get going, body - I can sense you're getting hungry, and I think I smell some chicken!

Part 2 of my nickit tf series - featuring the continuation of the story as well as the aftermath!

part 1 here: