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The new forest guardian by How2101 (critique requested)

The new forest guardian (critique requested)


14 December 2019 at 22:18:50 MST

Preview of my Gooey forestseries!


The small, muddy puddle of water scattered underneath Meadow’s light, dainty paws as he sped quickly through the forest. Meadow was a small but perky golden-yellow, 3-tailed kitsune with green markings. An avid nature lover, he spent his time traveling far and wide to enjoy the most beautiful wonders around the globe. He acted like an unofficial guardian of the woods he loved, cleansing and purifying any pollution he found.

Meadow was traversing through a bright, sunny forest now, gleefully embracing the warm, calm breeze brushing against his light, fluffy fur. The kitsune was in paradise. A small pile of discarded cans ruined the otherwise idealistic landscape - but that posed no problem for the kitsune’s powers. With a simple wave of one of his tails, the cans decomposed into their natural elements in seconds; harmlessly mixing with the soil. They were now a part of nature instead of a stain upon it . . .

The golden fox grinned in satisfaction as he weaved the final touch: a small cluster of ferns sprouting where the old cans once lay. The clearing was once again pure and beautiful. With a wide, beaming smile, Meadow departed, trotting into the forest once again.

Meadow’s smile gradually turned into a frown as he progressed, however. Not far from the clearing, the forest was beginning to seem a bit . . . off. The tree’s colors were TOO bright and colorful, an almost unnatural shade of bright green. Sunlight glinted off of the shiny, smooth trunks in a completely unrealistic way. Everything felt . . . artificial.

Meadow felt a shiver run up his spine as he continued, slowing to a concerting walk. The ground squished and sunk under his paws, turning into a gooey, sticky sludge. The kitsune struggled to make his way forwards: each step through the muck was a struggle. The muddy, gooey soil clung to his legs like glue, making lifting each paw seem like hoisting a boulder. It took all of Meadow’s magic to free his legs and advance forwards, and even then the brown goop caked his paws in a thin layer of brown sludge. It felt almost . . . rubbery.

But even worse was the unnatural, almost haunting warning signals his tails were sending to his brain. This place was the opposite of natural - nothing was right here. And a faint, radioactive haze hung over the entire environment, the dense air clinging to Meadow’s golden fur. This place needed cleansing -

No. This place - it was too far gone. This forest was an abomination to nature, a hideous, disgusting swamp of some kind. He needed to flee - every last magical sense was screaming at him to run. He needed to get back to the real nature, to find the scope of this disaster - and start purifying from the very edge. This place had to be likely some kind of toxic waste dump or nuclear accident.

Then the smell began wafting up. A rubbery, filthy stench began to tingle in Meadow’s nose, growing stronger every second.

That was the final straw. Meadow turned around and began wading through the sloppy muck, hacking his way through the rubbery soil in a bid for freedom. He had to get out of this cursed place!

The gooey ground seemed to cling even harder, as if actively trying to hold him back, get him to stay. But the kitsune persevered, steadily making progress. Several tense minutes later, it seemed like that perhaps he may get out of there safely.

Then he heard a loud SQUELCH beneath his paws, and found himself entirely unable to move. Meadow looked down to see a massive, black puddle of sticky, thick goo, black as midnight. Before he could react, the goo lunged out at him, wrapping around his tails in an instant.


Meadow yelped in complete alarm as the goo began to slowly crawl up his legs. Meadow, eyes bulging in utter panic, tried freeing his feet, but his efforts were useless: his paws were stuck entirely in the seething black liquid. In desperation, the kitsune tried channeling his magic into his feet, frantically attempting to free them. But to his shock, the magic travelled straight through his feet and was absorbed by the liquid, giving it a faint glow. The rubbery goo pulsed, shooting up his front legs and encasing them in thick, black rubber.

Meadow let out another yelp of terror - the goo felt icy cold, and burned his fur. It felt like thousands of needles digging into his body and tearing into his flesh. The fox’s panic grew as he felt the goo also travelling up his hind legs - his m-magic wasn’t working! In fact, all it seemd to do was make the rubber stronger!

The rubbery odor was growing ever stronger as the goo splashed against Meadow’s chest. The stench was getting stronger and stronger - leaving Meadow slightly lightheaded and dizzy.

But, suddenly the kitsune felt a massive shudder ripple through his body as the goo lunged at his tails, wrapping around them before he had time to react. A second later, an odd, numbing tingle throbbed inside his tails, and the goo surrounding them began to glow ominously. In a sudden realization, Meadow realized they were siphoning off his precious magic!

With a newfound burst of desperate energy, the panicking kitsune fought to free himself from the leaching liquid, managing to free one of his tails. However, he was growing more exhausted by the minute - the other two were rapidly being drained of power, and the rubbery goo was gaining newfound power with every passing second.
In less than 30 seconds, his third tail was once again forced into place by attacking tendrils of black rubber. Meadow was panting with utter exhaustion, the last of his energy weakly succumbing to the relentless assault.

By now, the poor kitsune was almost unconscious, weak, and shaking, only propped up by the rubber caking his shivering legs. The goo, however, was more lively than ever; thick, slimy tendrils slithering around his chest and underbelly. Meadow felt lightheaded and dizzy, and the smell was getting to his brain. W . . . was it his imagination, or was there another voice in his head? . . .

C’mon, is that all your weak, pathetic little body has?

That odd voice . . . the goo was beginning to corrupt his mind!

This fleshy body of yours is so weak . . . so vulnerable! Your fleshy muscles get tired far too quickly …

Desperately, Meadow tried mentally fighting this new, corrupted aspect of himself. But the goo was equally assaulting him from the outside, now completely encasing his lower body in smelly, thick black rubber. His hind legs and tails were tingling in an odd but . . . pleasant way?

The gooey rubber was no longer burning him. On the contrary, it felt disturbingly nice and warm, like a comfortable blanket. In fact, It was now his own furry body that felt icy cold by comparison.

Meadow could no longer physically resist the soothing tendrils of sticky, warm liquid that were now coating the rest of his body with ease. And he found himself no longer wanting to, either. It felt nice . . . so, so nice . . .

Yes, just embrace it, embrace your new, more powerful body . . . get rid of your old, weak body . . .

The gooey liquid suddenly began bubbling up his neck, dark tendrils shooting out in front of his dazed face. They hovered for a second before cascading back down onto his muzzle, swallowing the last of his exposed skin into its rubbery depths.


All Meadow sensed was darkness, and the thick stench of rubber.

Everything was covered by the goo. His nostrils and mouth was forced open by the assaulting latex, which filled his mouth. His tongue tasted rubber. He smelled rubber. All he could sense was rubber.
Frantically, Meadow tried to spit the liquid out, but to no avail: The goo inside his mouth heaved and swelled, forcing the kitsune to swallow. The glossy, slippery latex instantly began spreading down his throat, sticking to his airpipe and lungs. The kitsune gagged, vital organs suddenly deprived of vital oxygen.

I mean, look how quickly your body shuts down without this “air”! How have you even survived THIS long???

A sudden desire spurred within Meadow as his body, encased in gooey rubber, convulsed violently. The rubber was attacking his nerves and bones, his entire fleshy body - it was being eaten away, changed, and altered by the gooey latex. His entire body throbbed in a weird yet comforting way, leaving Meadow unconsciously wanting more.

And something else was happening. The goo . . . it was feeding his power BACK into him, into his twitching, weak body . . . except it was different. It was magnified. Enhanced. Like its limits were chipped and peeled away to reveal the raw, pure strength underneath.

And the goo . . . the goo was driving it, channeling it, feeding it … Entirely new gates of power were opened, might flooding in like a raging river.

The voice seethed in Meadow’s head like a snake; hissing through his unconscious mind, through memories and thoughts and desires.

Yes, THIS is the path to TRUE power! Cast away your old shell of flesh and become what you were meant to be!!!!

Meadow found himself growing less and less resistant to the voice inside him. This power … this utter power … far more than he could have imagined even as a kitsune!

But . . . this . . . goo . . . was . . . a . . . stain . . .

His nature-loving side put up one last act of resistance to the overwhelming demands of the voice.

“B-but this . . . th-this isn’t natural!”

But Meadow couldn’t even get his own mind to believe that old claim any more. Of . . . of course this was natural! This . . . this was what nature was meant to be …

Inside the layers of rubber, Meadow’s eyes glossed over as his mind began to cave in to the voice. No . . . not a voice . . . it was him, simply his own thinking. He was right. He always was. The pathetic flesh resistance is the foreign voice, not his . . .

On the outside, Meadow’s body began to change. The gooey liquid began to shift and swell, rapidly sucking up gooey liquid from the surrounding soil to expand several times his old size. His hind legs stretched outwards, thick, knifelike claws erupting from the gooey pawpads. His front legs also stretched and expanded, muscles bulging and swelling to resemble the powerful front legs of a true predator. Razor-sharp claws also protruded from his front paws, made for easily grabbing onto prey.

A thick, canine muzzle stretched outwards from Meadow’s cute, puppy-like face, massive canine fangs jutting outwards like a set of steak knives. His tongue also stretched and elongated to fit his new, predatory muzzle. New, rubbery ears sprung out from the top of his gooey head, far more sensitive than his old ones had ever been.

Old muscles swelled and thickened, while new ones appeared outright. Magic-infused rubber coursed through their veins, giving them a new sense of strength that Meadow could barely even comprehend.

Surges of power and pleasure pounded Meadow’s weakened mind. He moaned, the voice inside him drowning out his resistance.

Nature is weak, kitsune. I have saved you from your inevitable, horrible fate. I have saved you from being one of them. I have allowed you to reach your fullest potential, kitsune. I have saved you from death.

You are no longer chained by the prisons of food, water, or air. The goo amplifies your power. Or rather, releases its full potential. You should be grateful, kitsune. You are the first to enter this forest. You are the first to receive this blessing, to be saved from the sufferings of the flesh.

Meadow was listening intently, a sense of excitement building from deep inside. Y - yes. . . He could feel the power flowing through his veins and muscles. This body is bigger, stronger, faster . . . superior in every way to his old form. How . . . how did he ever live like that? The final traces of resistance faded away, replaced by nothing but joy.

Yes. . . he was grateful for this salvation . . . this forest . . .

It is nature that is the stain upon this earth, kitsune. This gooey forest is not the disease, it is the cure.

And you, kitsune, are the doctor.
You will be the guardian of this forest.

Meadow listened intently to the voice. It pounded inside every corner of his brain, not leaving a single solitary space for other thoughts. Meadow knew nothing of this voice other than to obey.

You have a special power, kitsune. You can spread this blessing. You can give it to others. Those who are worthy. You can command. You can rule. You can THINK.

Fill this forest with those who deserve it, kitsune. Conquer and protect. Accept this special role, kitsune. Accept this duty.

Meadow grinned, exposing his new, carnivorous fangs. Yes . . . he will accept . . . It would be his greatest pleasure to be given this unfathomable honor!

“I accept . . .”

A faint glow fell over Meadow as crimson markings appeared onto his chest, hind legs and forehead. Red marks also appeared onto his tails, and he suddenly opened his eyes to reveal crimson pupils. They glowed brightly in the forest, illuminating the shiny, slick rubber surfaces nearby. Another surge of pleasure overwhelmed Meadow, rippling throughout his entire muscular body.

This is your duty now, kitsune. Your purpose. Your reward.

Do well . . .

The voice faded, and Meadow lifted himself up off the ground, surveying his surroundings. The rubber trees, rubber plants, rubbery ground . . .

It felt like home.

The thick, intoxicating scent of rubber filled Meadow’s nostrils like the scent of roses. Every breath felt heavenly, every brush of wind against his hyper-sensitive skin was raw bliss. His finely attuned senses could detect any sound, any scent, any feel that happened within this forest.

Within HIS forest.

His muscles rippled with raw energy, begging to be put to the test. Meadow happily obliged, breaking into a sprint. He ran faster than he ever thought possible, flying through the gooey trees and shrubbery. His new thick, rubbery pawpads and claws, perfectly adapted for the rubbery terrain, effortlessly glided across the rubbery surface. The sticky, gooey ground, once nearly impassible, was now as easy to navigate as a sunny field.

This was HIS domain.

And he was its master.

Preclude to

And the beginnings of the Great gooey forest . . .

commission for lightfury of his magical kitsune character, Meadow, transforming into the new guardian of the gooey forest. His mission is to protect this territory, and to share his gift with any unwary travellers who dare to step into his domain . . .

Commissions are open, ask me!