Umbreon experiment tf by How2101 (critique requested)

Umbreon experiment tf (critique requested)


11 May 2019 at 23:00:48 MDT

It's only been a little less than a month since Jack was turned into an Umbreon, but to him it feels like an eternity has passed rather than a few weeks. He barely even remembers that he was ever human at all. 

Not that Jack minded, of course.  

Now he was the pet of a human trainer, dutifully following his master's beck and call - and being his loyal partner during battles. 

. . . like now, for instance. 

He felt the odd, yet pleasantly ticklish sensation of pixelating into a stream of red light as the pokeball burst open, forcing him outside. His master needed him! 

The shiny Umbreon resolidified outside the ball, landing on his feet with catlike agility. Jack immeadiately surveyed his surroundings: nothing special, just a dim, dirty gray gym set up as a low-rung, entry-level battlefield - the bottom tier in the local league. A sleepy-eyed ref glanced at him, reciting the rules in a monotoningly boring voice. Jack ignored him. He'd heard those rules many times before . . . 

"Heh, so that's your choice, a stupid umbreon? Ha!" 

A voice, dripping with sarcasm. 

Jack gazed across the room at the voice's source: A tall, muscular trainer standing proudly across the gym floor. Next to him stood a charizard, bearing the same smug grin as the trainer. 

"Yo, my charizard's gonna wipe the floor with  you!" 

That's what HE thinks!  Jack thought to himself, giving a confident grin of his own. 

Jack had been a fast learner ever since he first became a pokemon, rapidly mastering the basics after only a week of training, and getting stronger ever since. He felt his rings beginning to glow a deep blue as his body began to surge with dark energy. 

The ref took a step forwards, whistle in hand. He paused for a moment, then took the whistle to his lips and blew. 


Grinning with eager excitement, Jack struck a defensive position and waited for his master's command.  

The battle had begun! 

Epilogue pt.  2   

"Hmm . . ." 

A tall, young man in a posh suit silently monitered the battle playing out before him, jotting down random info onto his ipad. 

Subject 1 seems to be performing nicely. body is so far working appropriately as a pokemon. He's won quite a bit of battles already so far . . .  

No ill side effects detected so far. Subject seems to be quite enjoying himself as an umbreon.  I think our partnership with  XXXXXX   will be very worth the investment!  

I reccommend that we approve the testing of more subjects. I see a lot of potential here . . . 

Will continue to moniter subject and let you know of any additional updates. 

With regards, Dr. C    

final piece in my rubber umbreon suit experiment series!  This experiment may be done, but the experimentation has just begun!   >:3    



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