happy Daddy day by How2101

happy Daddy day


20 February 2019 at 22:31:53 MST

Happy daddy day, Hooman!

Me and my brother didn't have a daddy of our own, so on daddy day we decided to get one, and you're the perfect fit! You just need a few improvements so you can be our daddy better!

First, let's get you onto all fours like a proper daddy! Smear some luscious goo onto those joints and skin to seal them in your new position. We pokemon don't walk on our hind legs, do we?

Now let's improve your looks! To put it kindly, you're too hooman-looking! Ugly! Hooman is so 5 minutes ago! Luxray is the NOW! We'll rub some blue latex here, smear some black there . . . and let's give you a proper muzzle! There, you're looking better already, dad!

Now let's fix up your hair! What all dads need is a good, proper mane! Just smother this drab, wimpy hair of yours with layers of thick black goo, pile it up, and let the goo do the rest!

Aren't you excited to play with us, daddy? Unlike hoomans, we don't have muscles or organs, so we never need to take a break from playing! You aren't human! Isn't that great, daddy?

Um, you may want to sit down a bit! Your head's getting a bit foggy. Are you having trouble with your memories, daddy?

Let me help you with that as my brother gives you a nice, big fluffy tail to snuggle with.

You're our dad. You are a rubber luxray. You are not a hooman.

You were never a hooman.

We despise hoomans.

You can't recall anything about being a hooman. All you know about them is that they are bad. You want nothing to do with them. Ever. You are ashamed to even consider that you were ever one of them.

You want to protect us from them.

After all, you're our daddy. You want to spend your days protecting, caring, and playing with us.

Especially playing. Can we play, daddy?

I can see my brother's done with the tail. You're all set, dad! Let's play!

Happy daddy day, dad!

An older rubber luxray tf pic I did a while back. Comments and critiques appreciated!

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