The great gooey forest by How2101 (critique requested)

The great gooey forest (critique requested)


8 November 2018 at 08:08:00 MST

Ah, the great gooey forest, where the rubber trees are literally rubber . . . and so is everything else!

'flesh-and-blood' creatures aren't well appreciated here, especially those nasty things called "humans". They tarnish the bright, shiny goo with their dirt, pollution, and seemingly uncontrollable urges to turn forests into real estate developments!

If you dare venture into the great gooey forest, the local wildlife will discover you soon enough. There's no need to look for them. They'll find you.

But the inhabitants of this forest aren't cruel or mean-spirited. No, not at all.

Instead of punishing you for trespassing, they'd much rather share with you. Help you get integrated with the community. Raise you up as their own . . .

But there's still that nasty "human" part to deal with. They can help with that, too! Cleanse you of the dirt and dust. Make some much-needed improvements for your pathetic collection of skin, bones, and blood. One that always gets bruised and busted and cut. One that'll just fall apart in a mere hundred years or so.

You can be so much better than that. So much shiner, and cleaner, and squeakier . . .

They also make great therapists. They know how to deal with stress and anxiety: eliminate them entirely! No pesky human emotions or problems to get in the way. No human memories, either! They just bring sadness and pain and loss. All you need to remember is your new home, squeaky rubber, and your new mom . . .

The last thing you'll remember before your memories fully disappear will be nothing but gooey rubber, its intoxicating scent and touch seeping into the very recesses of your soul as it envelops your eyes and mouth.

Beware of the great gooey forest! Some say it brings untold happiness, others say untold misery and misfortune. Who knows what's inside? It's not like anyone escaped to tell the tale . . .

Art by me! faves, comments, and critiques appreciated!

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    That looks like a fun place to be in.

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      It sure does!

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      Amen! ‘Scuse me while I head to the nearest forest and hope that it’s a rubber one~

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        good luck with your travels

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    I would love to go there