Harness experiment 105 by How2101 (critique requested)

Harness experiment 105 (critique requested)


8 November 2018 at 00:02:17 MST

Uhn . . . what . . . what happened? Where am I?"

I woke up in a brightly-lit room, painted rocks and grass poorly hiding the concrete walls. I tried remembering the past hour of my life and how I ended up here, managing to retrieve a few scattered memories rushing through my brain.

Wandering down a dimly lit alley. A white cargo van screeching to a halt. A filthy, musty bag covering my face. Blackness. Then consciousness. A gray hallway. Lights. Men clad in white lab coats. A stretcher. And the costume . . . that ridiculous-looking, hideous rubber vaporeon costume. An operating table . . . That was all.

I couldn't remember my name. Attempts at recovering this revealed only a number . . . 105. Test subject 105. That was who I was. I could vaguely recall a few faint memories of before I was kidnapped, but they felt like decades ago, and almost entirely like a misty dream. Like it happened to a stranger instead of me.

My skin was wrapped in something warm and slimy, almost like . . . no. Oh no.

In horror, I glanced back at my body. I was on my hands and feet, clad from head to toe in that hideous costume from before!

And on top of that was some kind of rubber harness, fastened to my legs and hands and wrapping around my body.

My back legs were forced backwards into an awkward, unnatural quadrupedal position by the harness, making them throb painfully. I tried to stand up, but the rubber bands kept my legs from popping back up. I tried to use my hands to free my legs, but this also proved useless: The harness quickly shut down that idea. Even if my hands were free, I wouldn't have been able to reach back without falling flat on my face.

In fact, I couldn't even move my fingers or toes. They were so tightly balled up within the rubbery costume I couldn't move them at all. I was staying on all fours for the time being, whether I liked it or not.

Despite my predicament, I found it hard to feel upset. It felt like the tight rubber costume was simply squeezing the negative emotions out of me, replacing it with a warm, tingling sensation that rippled throughout my body every time I moved. It felt like comfy rubbery pajamas, or being wrapped in a cocoon of warm rubber blankets.

These pleasant sensations conflicted with the painful throbbing in my legs, creating a mix of negative and positive emotions that surged into my mind. I suppose I would have to learn how to walk . . .

I cautiously took a few feeble steps, grinning with pleasure as my rubbery hands squished against the cold, concrete ground, and examined my surroundings.

The room was bare save for a few scattered fake rocks strewn about, and a large mirror taking up a large part of one wall. Curious, I stepped over towards it, my constrained arms and legs moving me about an inch per second. After what seemed like hours, I finally arrived at my destination and glanced at myself, gulping in grim acceptance of my fate.

There was no escaping. Not with this restraining harness preventing me from using my hands or standing upright. I would just have to get used to my new situation and try to find the sickos who did this.

Little did I know that those sickos were watching me on the other side of the one-way mirror . . .

Report: experiment 105

Subject number: 105
Species: Vaporeon (pokemon)
Suit type: T78B
Harness model: PT19AR


I believe we are finally on our way to success!

After considerable research, One of our subjects, 105, has managed to survive the first phase of the transition, after 104 previous failures. After phase 1 was successfully completed, we put the "body brace" harness on him and placed him in one of our observation rooms. No noticeable side effects observed as of late. He is still dependent on oxygen and "needless resources" for survival. We had to allow this to ensure complete success of phase 1. Of course, this needs to be changed later in the experiment. He needs to become fully 'rubberized' to ensure experiment success. I am confident we will do this with enough time to transition.

We have begun phase 2, which I like to call "the brace effect". The special body brace harness my team designed forces his legs into a quadrupedal position and prevents him from standing upright. I plan that, over time, the harness and tight-fitting costume combined will 'mold' his legs into this new position permanently, like how dental braces mold teeth into a new position.

Of course, I have implanted my nanobots inside the subject's body to account for bodily changes that can't be easily acquired from the harness alone. This will also, I expect, take some time. Changing the chemical compositions of matter itself doesn't happen in a day!

At this moment, our subject looks somewhat confused but seems to be adapting to his new form just fine. I can tell he'll make a great rubbery vaporeon someday, and I believe he'll make Mr. N and our clients very happy!

I recommend, with the success of the experiment, to request Mr. N for more funding. This experiment is of utmost importance!

Sincerely, Dr. C

Part 1 of a planned series I'm drawing! (due to my laziness and short attention span, it's no guarantee that the rest will come out without considerable support for a continuation)

Sort of the continuation of the rubber umbreon harness prototype www.deviantart.com/how2101/art…

The blueprints have been drawn out. The approval has been given. The lab has been prepared. Let the experimentation begin!

Comments, critiques, and favorites appreciated! Let me know in the comments if you want this continued :3

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