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DE MBT "Vulcan II" by Horsesergal34

DE MBT "Vulcan II"


The Main Battle Tank of the Dectrose Empire, the "Vulcan II" has a new Rail Cannon to strike foes from a long distance, and can strike a devastating blow in Close Quarters Battle. Along with Flamethrowers, two Anti-Infantry Guns, Rams, side-mounted Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers and an Anti-Aircraft Minigun in it's arsenal, it is a very well-rounded tank offensively. Defensively, it has a Minesweeper, Flares, Reactive Armour and a Rear Egress Hatch, meaning crew survivability is at it's peak.

The Equipment list is as follows: AVD, Rail Cannon, AIG, ACA, Flares, RA, AA Minigun, Flamethrower, Ram, GLs, MLs, Minesweeper, Rear Egress Hatch and a Hover Jet.

Crew Requirements:

Commander, Driver, Two Gunners, Radioman, Two Loaders

AVD, AIG, Vulcan II, ACA and Artwork © Horsesergal34

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