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Night at the Bar by HornetV2

Night at the Bar


8 November 2014 at 21:21:40 MST

For the first time here's all my current personal characters in a scene together. What better than a bar... what? It will be fun they said. XD

So from left to right:
Titan enjoying an IPA, which apparently is giving him enough courage to flirt on Lager.... he doesn't really need it considering he's a perv but yeah.
Lager who is being a bit of a cannibal and being a bit intimidated by Titan. Yeah he thinks he's dreamy but he may be a little intimidated by the size of his.... personality.
Toby feeling a bit adventurous with a Margarita, just watching the story next to him develop and coming to conclusions.
Hornet who is enjoying some hard cider and maybe a bit tipsy as he is about to get silly and loud.
Xi who is having a Tiki drink. While minding his business apparently he might be involved into a drunk conversation. Someone's gonna be so confused!
Owain who is having some spiked berry juice and still upset after losing to that freaking Mudkip in the Pokemon League tournament. Better luck next time!

Comments appreciated!

Titan, Lager, Toby, Hornet, Xi, Owain © Myself
Cobalion & Mudkip © Nintendo
Background was taken from

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