Rising Tide [Extreme Weight Gain, Blood] by holodrom

Rising Tide [Extreme Weight Gain, Blood]


12 January 2016 at 15:00:28 MST

Oh boy, what do I say about this?
I've had writers block for like a week. Kept starting things and not being able to finish them. Really frustrating. Well, last night I got to talking to Wire, and we started doing a back-and-forth about a scenario where his shark ends up basically causing planetary extinction. I really liked the idea, so I started to write about it, and I got to about 1000 words before surprising him with it. As we talked more, I decided that I had it in me to write this story all the way to a satisfying ending (which it previously lacked). So 5000 words later, I had this.
The morning after finishing it I ended up going back and increasing all the number values to make them line up better with an extinction-level event, but they got totally crazy. Despite that, I think I have the kind of audience that can appreciate this scale of weight gain.

Shark Wire (c) wireframefool wireframefool
Angelus Glace (c) holodrom holodrom

Day 450: I'm laying on my delightful continental shelf of shark gut, bathing in the sunlight with sunglasses shielding my eyes. The floating fortress is nearby, but I felt it necessary to take a break and relax on my private beach, so to speak. I'm very much enjoying life away from all the stress of my old life. Just me and a shark, relaxing together forever. I'm glad this is how the world has ended.

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    Skyrocketing numbers~ c:

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      They were very fun to do!