Bolin by HollywoodVoodoo



3 March 2013 at 01:40:45 MST

I just downloaded Paint Tool Sai a couple days ago and oh my god it's so much better than painting in photoshop! I have never felt more comfortable painting digitally before!

Anyway, this is my first painting done in Sai, so there are lots of awkward errors and whatnot. I told myself I wouldn't be posting anything I deemed as not very quality, but I feel I should at least post something new here- it's been a while.

So yeah. Have a messy test-painting of my pandaren Bolin.

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    Awww, he's too precious!

    Yeah, I love SAI for painting, it's a really great program! The nice thing about SAI too is that it works really well with Photoshop, so if you have both you can do all sorts of neat stuff.

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      Thank you!

      and I couldn't agree more! I've only had SAI for about four days now and I've already decided how I like to use both programs; Photoshop for the lineart (if any), SAI for the colouring/painting, and photoshop for the finishing touches and colour tweaks. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't give the program a go earlier, haha!

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        Yeah, I can't even remember who recommended me the program in the first place, but man, I'm glad I jumped on it when I did. Super cheap too as far as art programs go.