CD Week 4 - Lauren Faust-inspired Kurokage by HirokoTheHedgehog

CD Week 4 - Lauren Faust-inspired Kurokage


3 July 2016 at 23:29:36 MDT

"The first prompt of Week 4 of Character Drawcember is to draw your character in someone else's style. It took me a while to decide on who, but my friend helped me decide on trying out Lauren Faust's style. We thought it fitting, since she and her husband, Craig McCracken, were ultimately my main inspirations as a kid learning to draw, particularly with The Powerpuff Girls. I drew Powerpuff Girls so much as a kid, I even had this "How To Draw The Powerpuff Girls" book (written by Lauren Faust herself, at that), and I honestly believe having that book and drawing them so much is what helped me a ton with my art skills growing up. So...Lauren Faust means so much to me for that.

I based a lot of this drawing of Kurokage on Faust's sketch of Wonder Girl, particularly with the face and legs:

I hope the inspiration shows through, at least.

Anyway, that's about it, enjoy."

Art style inspired by Lauren Faust.
Art belongs to me.
Do not use without permission.

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    I believe the powerpuff girls style actually influence to draw back then. Because of that I draw more human body than rainbows.