Character Drawcember Week 3 - Group Shot Colored by HirokoTheHedgehog

Character Drawcember Week 3 - Group Shot Colored


3 July 2016 at 22:25:46 MDT

"Waaaaaaah I am behind. OTL So, I decided to just...combine everything for Week 3, rather loosely. A group “screenshot” of these guys at Kurokage's favorite park. I regret all my life decisions. TT

Again, from left to right:

Charles “Blood” Martin Edward I, Hiroko Nadeshiko (might change the surname…), Kurokage Shuriken, Kurokage Shuriken Jr. (AKA “Junior” and sometimes “Junie”), Whispers Caldwell, S.O.B. Edward, Shirogane Saito, Sparx Lightheart, and Caramell Apelle.

That's about it, enjoy. "

Charles "Blood" Martin Edward I, Hiroko Nadeshiko, Kurokage Shuriken, Kurokage Shuriken Jr., Whispers Caldwell, S.O.B. Edward, Shirogane Saito, Sparx Lightheart, Caramell Apelle and art belong to me.

Do not use without permission.

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    I like all of them, but the one with rainbow hair really bother me since rainbow hair is a characterize for a mary/gary-sue. I may recommend changing a different hair color, but if you don't want to do that than it fine.

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      Lol, I understand the concern. I have Sparx with rainbow hair because he's based on a pet betta fish I used to have years ago, who was rainbow-colored (although his primary colors were red and blue, the rest of his scales shimmered in different colors in the light). This is the first time I've attempted a digital drawing of him, though, so I guess the rainbow bit needs some work to make it look better.
      I think the best attempt I made with the rainbow hair was when I drew a pony version of him with colored pencils, lol.:

      All that said, I do have an AU version of him where he has blonde hair instead. It's easier to work with sometimes, lol.

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        Okay, I understand. Aleash you have a reason for him to have rainbow hair. Other people be like "i lik it becaue it beiful!!11!" XD

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          Rainbow hair can be really pretty when done right, both in drawings and in real life (I've seen a small few people who have dyed their hair in a way where it blends so nicely, it's amazing how they can pull it off!). But more often than tends to look pretty bad, yeah... XD;;; It's hard to get rainbow-colored hair just right, I think.