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Commissions closed by Hexadoodle

Commissions closed


Commissions are closed. Leaving this here for historical purposes.

As shown in the picture. My goal is to provide reasonable and simple options. Only exceptionally detailed requests will increase the price.


  1. Visit the Google form here and fill out the information. Don't send a note or private message! All correspondence will be done via email.
    Give a short description of what you would like. Visual references are helpful (links are okay - sfw refs only!) Other than that, provide as much information as you feel is important. I will use creative freedom to fill in the rest.
    G/PG content only. No licensed characters. No porn, suggestive work, or romance. Weird content, maybe. I reserve the right to say no, but don't be afraid to ask. See my gallery for an idea of what I draw.

  2. I will provide preliminary sketches of your request. Let me know what sketch or aspects you prefer.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the sketch, send the full amount of payment through paypal as goods and services. I will note you the address.

  4. I work fast! I can send progress shots and stream the work if you prefer. Turnaround should be no more than a week, unless the commission is exceptionally large. When the work is finished and you are satisfied, I will usually post it.

  5. I retain authorship of the work itself. Any characters involved remain the property of their respective authors. You are free to post the artwork elsewhere, but do not alter the picture nor claim it as your own; please credit me and link to any of my accounts listed above. Thank you for your support!

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