A Welcome Interruption by HelzimGiger

A Welcome Interruption


1 March 2019 at 22:13:09 MST

Miyuki was taking some time to relax, making an opportunity to catch up on her reading and not think about work for a while. Little did she know, a certain panda was sneaking up on her, hiding behind Miyuki's rounded, near-term belly. She only realizes she has company when the bed shifts with Akira's weight, quickly putting down her tablet in time to see her wife putting her paws on her sides and planting a kiss on her swollen midsection. Her cheeks flush, heart soaring as Akira continues to shower her in affection. She had been hoping to catch up on reading, but this was an even better way to spend her time.

Art by Pandsky
Miyuki and Akira © HelzimGiger HelzimGiger