DECISIVE DESIRE (Gay Fantasy Romance Graphic Novel Saga) by HellfireComics

DECISIVE DESIRE (Gay Fantasy Romance Graphic Novel Saga)


22 February 2019 at 22:42:07 MST

Logo for Decisive Desire is finished, I really like how it turned out, I have the nine elemental crystals symbolizing the nine daemons of the world of Idyll and I also have them symbolizing the rainbow since it is a gay graphic novel so I hope to catch some eyes with it. The hardest part I have to say was the font but I feel like it suits my story and the feel I'm going, I used red and purple to represent magic and love in the story as well since Decisive Desire is a gay fantasy romance. I wanted to have a Final Fantasy-like feel with a symbolic image with the title too which will make sense the deeper in the story we get! This is one of the hardest parts of making a story, and that is making an eye-catching title.

I know I have a lot to learn but I think this is a great step moving forward, I have my prologue proofed and I'm ready to work on the comic page thumbnails. Right now I have plans on doing the pages in black and white cause I want a traditional feel to my pages since I prefer my linework over digital. If you wish to help support an artist fulfill his dream, consider becoming a Patron. My goal is to put out as many pages as I can and patrons get first access to the pages before they go live up on my website.

I have a lot of work planned for the website still, all support goes to getting art supplies and keeping my public website up as helping me have living expenses. I greatly thank all those that help make this happen! Let's make Decisive Desire great and make my dream a reality! ^^