New Year (2019) by HellfireComics

New Year (2019)


1 January 2019 at 07:26:10 MST

I want to wish you all a happy new year moving into 2019, Decisive Desire has a lot planned moving into this year so please look forward to it!

(Some background info on this illustration,

Samuel is our main protagonist of the story, born with astronomical elemental energy, a being of pure white but lost his snowy hue and majority of his powers. He also is royalty but he and his peers don't know that.

He has three main love interests, and they are very close friends as well always hanging out when duty does not hold them back from doing so.

Joshua, our militia-trained soldier, grew up aspiring to be great like his father, if he isn't training he's usually doing some form of workout or protecting the peace. Though his family may be lowborn his family's ties to the country are strong serving the king and queen of Elysium, he is a very proud and stubborn fellow.

Ramon grew up doing a lot of hard work, construction with his father. Didn't really have a mother figure since she left while Ramon was still very young. Ramon seemed to be quite the silver-tongued charmer, though he is no stranger to discrimination, he usually is seen bickering with Joshua constantly at each others throats for reasons unknown.

And lastly our link keeping the peace of the group, Richard. His family runs a decent shop and works with alchemical reagents helping those who aren't adorned with magic or who can't heal. Richard has a leader mentality, his friends always look up to and respect him. He can usually be seen hunting or gathering materials for his family but oftentimes likes to take his friends along for whatever journey he fancies.