BBZZZZZZZZ by Hedgehodge (critique requested)

BBZZZZZZZZ (critique requested)


28 June 2014 at 16:17:23 MDT

I’ve always wanted to get into WH40k but I have no idea where to start also some of the fans worry me a bit.

though then again I’ve never let other fans completely ruin a thing for me entirely so

well, until i fomrally get into Wh40k here’s a weapon thing I sort of made after perusing images of weapons from the setting.

also apparently i do not have a folder for stuff like this yet. weird.

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    I grew up with a D&D Crowd so rather than buying minitures to play a game we used whatever we could find, whether it was making stuff out of cereal boxes, poker chips, bottle caps etc, we thought we could've did the same with Warhammer/Mordheim. lol nope. It's cheaper buying amazon wrecking tomes of obscure rules than a box of fragile plastic bits.

    I do greatly approve of people designing props, weapons and other objects. I think you could put a bayonet-like razor where the studs are (or connected to them) So you swing and hit someone with the circular blade and then pull out to get the bayonet into someone else.

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      I was actually intending for it to be slicy on one side and then bashy on the other. hence the stud things.