Cerberus Party!! by HeartinaRosebud

Cerberus Party!!


13 September 2017 at 01:34:12 MDT

A picture of these guys I drew on Monday.
From left to right:
Sparks, Karasu and CerberuSonic!

Sparks is a pink doge I made up on Monday. She's a party girl who likes to play all day long!

Karasu is an avian hybrid between a cerberus and a chocobo, even though it's more of a bird than a reptile. It's technically a genderfluid, which means its gender could be random!

CerberuSonic is one of my multiheaded Sonics**. This one has a healthy relationship between his three heads - each with a mind and personality of its own. Sora (with messy quills) is a bold daredevil, Oni is confident being and Nicky (with a fringe) is a shy guy.

*Spinnerette - http://www.spinnyverse.com
**Sonic the Hedgehog (c) Sega and Sonic Team


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    A cerberus party would be a fun party! ^_^