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Alfie's Backstory by Hazel3

Alfie was a very peaceloving child. He was a softie who did not like violence. He was very sweet and just wanted to make friends, but he was bullied alot. He wasn't able to speak up very well as he had a gentle voice he could not raise, so whenever he asked people to stop, they would never listen to him. Some bullies even resorted to violence, but Alfie preferred not to fight back as fights are something he preferred not to do. His parents weren't that supportive either, when he came home with a few injuries, he had to see to them himself because his parents would often neglect his needs. They focused more on their relationship instead and only used him to do all the housework. One day, Alfie was thinking of ways on how to protect himself more. He went to the library and found a spellbook. Alfie was very interested! He sat down and read a little. He then thought to himself "if my voice is not enough for people to listen to me.. then perhaps magic will..!" He borrowed the book from the library and grabbed a stick from the forest so that he can try out some magic spells. And since the stick was used to do magic in, it then transformed itself into a basic wooden wand! Alfie was really happy about what he accomplished, he came home filled with delight with his new wand. But his parents did not approve.. His parents told him that he can't be a wizard because they believed that mages are evil, and thought that he was gonna use his magic as a way to get revenge against his parents. But Alfie wasn't planning on using his magic to harm others.. They snatched his wand and spellbook and took it away from him, he tried to tell them that the book wasn't his, but as always, they never listened to him. He was very sad about it..

When they all went to bed, Alfie was laying in bed, wide awake and bored. He couldn't stop thinking about his new wand and his desires on becoming a wizard, so he decided to sneak into his parent's room where they kept his wand and spellbook, while they were asleep in their double bed. He carefully snuck over and suddenly, he stepped on a creaky floorboard by mistake! Alfie was afraid that his parents were going to wake up and find out that he was going to reclaim his wand, but thankfully they were still fast asleep. Alfie quietly sighed in relief and reclaimed his wooden wand. He carefully snuck back out and went outside with his spellbook and magic wand, so he can go somewhere where he can practice magic but not be noticed by his family. He discovered a few useful but harmless spells that could help him stand up for himself more. He also decided to learn a few other spells just incase. He tested some magic on boulders, trees, tree stumps, and other things, but wasn't able to test other spells as some of them require others to be the guinea pig. He decided to try those out another time and go back home to bed, ready for school tomorrow.

The next day, he snuck the spellbook and wooden wand in his schoolbag. Class started as usual then break time came along and Alfie brought his backpack outside and sat at a picnic bench. He brought out his spellbook and an apple to snack on and decided to read more about other spells he is hoping to learn. He munches on his apple while he reads, then his bullies came up to him and decided they were going to throw eggs at him. He put away his spellbook to protect the pages from getting ruined and finished his apple. He knew if he tried to tell them off they wouldn't listen. So he brought out his wand and warned them to stop, they threw some eggs at him but he managed to avoid getting hit. Alfie tried to use a spell to freeze them into place, but it failed the first time. The bullies mocked him and continued to throw eggs, he tried the spell again, and it worked! The bullies were frozen in place, still aware of what's happening around them, but still as a statue. Alfie then came to take the eggs away from them. He came to have a look at the eggs that were thrown, but they were not chicken eggs, nor duck eggs... They were an unusual type of egg, and they were going to throw the last one at him, so he decided to take it from their hand. He wasn't sure where they got the eggs from, but he checked to see if this last egg had a chick inside and it did. Alfie was surprised, but also sad that the chick wont have any siblings, he also didn't know where those bullies found the eggs as he couldn't find the nest or parents anywhere. He decided to take care of it and be its father. When he got home, his parents weren't very happy.. They found out he took back his wand and spellbook, and told him that they got a row from the teachers and bully's parents about Alfie using his magic on the bullies. Alfie tried to explain that he didn't hurt anyone, but his parents were so mad about being told off that they took out their anger on him, grabbed his magic wand and snapped it in half. His eyes filled with sadness and tears as he ran to his room very upset.

He was just trying to protect himself from the bullies and even saved a bird's egg, but the grownups didn't understand. He looked outside the bedroom window, holding the egg and keeping it warm. He saw his parents throwing out his broken wand that was snapped into two. "That does it.." Alfie said. He left the egg near the radiator that was on and decided to run away from home for a bit, so that he could find a way to fix his wand. He went to the library and asked if the librarian knew how to fix a wand, but she didn't know much about magic, she just kept some spellbooks for those who are interested. The librarian was a sweet old lady, she suggested that the spellbooks might have some info that could help him. So Alfie instantly dived into research, trying to find a way to fix his wand, though most of the spellbooks only taught wand magic and how to make potions, no info on how to repair wands whatsoever. Alfie went back to the book he borrowed, and found out this book can also teach magic without the use of wands! Alfie felt a little bit better, knowing that there's still some magic you can use without the need of a wand. This spellbook helped him alot and meant alot to him, so he asked if he could buy it with his hard earned pocket money. The librarian said "Oh! No need to bring out your wallet, I'll let you have it for free" she said with a sweet smile. Alfie asked "You're really sure about this..?" as he was surprised about her kind offering. She nodded calmly and he thanked her for it lots. Alfie felt alot better after the visit to the library. He quickly ran outside so that he could learn some self magic, a type of magic you can do by using your body instead of a wand or other item.

Alfie learnt a few basic spells such as fire, lightning, and earth magic. He then had a look at his broken wand, holding the broken pieces in each hand and remembering all the good times he had using it. All the things he accomplished, all the spells he has learnt, even standing up to bullies and saving a mysterious egg. Suddenly, his broken wand started glowing! The two broken pieces connected together again, and it appeared to be changing shape! The wand sparkled and finished changing form! His wooden wand had repaired itself! Infact it was no longer a wooden wand, it became a rare wand known as the soaring star wand! Alfie was super happy with his newly formed wand, and now that he's learnt self magic, he even can do magic without the need of his wand! But then, he just remembered about the egg he was taking care of. Alfie got worried and hurried back home. But he stopped and skidded when his parents came his way, they were about to go on a walk together. "ALFIE!!" his mum roared. "What did I tell you about becoming a wizard?!" she complained. His dad also ganged up on him saying "Listen you, I know what you're planning. You want revenge and we wont let you!!" Alfie quietly muttered "Stop.. I do not seek revenge..!" and then his mother said "Hand over the wand. No buts, just GIVE US IT!". His father said "What she said!" agreeing with his wife. Alfie was getting overwhelmed with worry and stress. They were both about to grab his wand from him until he used his soaring star wand to freeze them into place. "I told you to stop..!" Alfie said, feeling a little upset with them. He sighed, then explained "Please just listen to me.. I do not plan to do evil with my magic, so please allow me to keep my wand. Perhaps you think mages are evil, but please know that not all of them are. There are some good ones out there, like me for example..! And I do not plan on being evil. Even if you took away my wand, you will never be able to take my self magic. So please, do try to understand..." After Alfie tried his very best to reason with them, he unfroze his parents so that they can move again. His parents apologised for their wrongs and said that they should've listened to him sooner. They also decided they were going to treat him with more respect and treat him like a son, like he's part of the family, instead of neglecting him and making him do all the housework all the time. Alfie forgave them as they all did a group hug.

He then remembered the reason why he returned back home! He needed to check on his egg to see if it was okay. He rushed off to his bedroom and his parents followed, confused and asking lots of questions and Alfie answers them while going to check on the egg. But the egg seemed alot cooler, he found out that the radiator was off after he left. He held the egg gently and tried to keep the it warm. His parents apologised as they didn't realise that he was taking care of this egg and he explained to them that he saved it from the bullies. His parents realised that they made a mistake blaming him and apologised for that too. Alfie forgave them but his parents decided they would explain to the teacher and the other parents anyway. They all watched the egg as Alfie kept it warm, it looked like it was suppose to be due to hatching soon, but no signs of movement whatsoever. Everyone was saddened as they all thought the chick didn't make it, until Alfie felt some nudging in his hands, then the eggshell cracked a little too! Everyone was surprised as they watched the egg crack open some more, and out came a baby gryphon! She was very cute and little, so Alfie decided to call her Tiny and take care of her. Alfie's parents were proud of all the good things he has done, and throughout the years he had helped many others with his magic. He went on many adventures with his little friend Tiny and learnt alot about magic. Alfie and Tiny grew up together and Tiny was still small, like a kitten but fullgrown. Alfie noticed she was interested in magic herself so he decided to teach her a few spells. This gave him an idea! Since he has now become a very experienced wizard, he decided to start his own magic school in Crystalness City where he taught his students on becoming a mage too. And up to this day, he still does! And it's all thanks to his old spellbook he started out with, which he still has up to this day. And now has other spellbooks too! Alfie will continue to teach his mage students and learn more about magic. The end!

Alfie's Backstory


This story takes place when Alfie was younger :3 It was how he brought a little more magic into the world
I will admit, I saw myself getting alot better at writing back when I made this a year and a half ago ^w^ I'm currently working on a huuuge story, almost like an episode to my series, so look forward to that when it's out! :D

As for Cody and Max's backstory that they share, I'm gonna improve that as I've improved alot on my writing skills since then. Don't worry tho, it'll still be based on the old, but it'll be better once improved ^-^ I was also gonna see about working on backstories for Zack, Lavender, and other characters at some point too!

Thumbnail artwork was made on picrew so credits to them :3

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