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Worried Cody [With Story] by Hazel3

Worried Cody [With Story]


I drew a non happy pic of Cody for once :o He's usually very cheerful and jolly, which is why most art of him is happy, but for once I drew him worried. Alot of my friends have asked why is he is worried during the wip of this artwork, so I've decided to come up with a story of the reason why :3

Here's the story!
There has been a zombie outbreak happening in the hometown of Oakville. They came looking for a tasty meal or two, and were planning on feasting on the people of this town. But the people of Oakville has decided to fight back, and are risking their lives to stop the zombies taking over town.

Cody and his best friend Max were hanging out at the clubhouse of TWS, eating ice cream and waffles. Lavender and Zack were watching tv in another room until they heard the breaking news! Zack hurried through to Cody and Max in a panic, telling them about the outbreak of zombies. Cody was also frightened by it, then Max decided he would join in to fight off the zombies, wanting to protect his best friend from danger. But Cody got really worried and scared, he didn't want his own bestie to become one of them.. Max explained that he's gonna make sure that these zombies wont lay a finger on him and his friends. He told him not to worry but keep safe and away from all the zombies. Max left to fight off the zombies along with others who joined too. Cody was very sad.. He felt that his friend won't make it. Zack and Lavender came to comfort, while Max set off to join the battle against zombies

Hours later, they announced the zombies have been defeated. Cody was standing outside for Max to return, hoping that he's still alive. He waited and waited, but there was no sign of Max.. The sun was setting, and it was soon to get dark.. Still no sign of his best friend. Cody's ears drooped, he was very sad.. Suddenly, someone from a distance was coming this way! Cody's fox ears perked up alertly, facing forward to hear the footsteps of the mysterious figure. Could it be?! Max had returned safely! With no sign on being a zombie! Cody zoomed up to Max happily and hugged him, but he let go quickly because he was too hard and cold to hug due to his armour. He was wearing it to protect him from zombie bites. Both were happy to see each other safe but Max was completely exhausted. Cody texted the good news to Zack and Lavender and they were happy to hear. They all decided to go home and chill for the night, and were safe and sound without the worry of zombies. The end

I'm no expert on writing but I hope you enjoyed that aswell as the artwork! ^-^
This song that had been stuck in my head while drawing this actually goes well with it all

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