Happy Chi Animation by Hazel3

Happy Chi Animation


24 November 2018 at 20:32:08 MST

My original fursona being cute 'n' happy ^w^

This is not free to use and my fursona is not free to take. If you'd like a pixel animation of your character(s) then just sayy! I sometimes take commissions although nobody has ever commissioned me so I'm new to the whole thing... ;w;
Chi the chihuahua may not be my main fursona anymore but she is still very special to me.

Please do not steal my character(s) as it is very heartbreaking for me.. ⋌ ̯ ⋋ They belong to me, not you.
Fanart is welcomed as I truly appreciate gifts! ≧◡≦

Please be nice when commenting! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
Thanks for looking, meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ


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      thankies ^w^

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    also dont worry about the bullying etc,weasyl is a nicer site than furaffinity with no to little drama ,we support you here ^ ^

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      yee! I knew Weasyl is so much nicer than dumb old deviantrant, I got bullied on deviantart.. :<
      also I left furaffinity as I worried I might get bullied on there too so I left just to be on the safe side.. ^-^;
      also random question out of curiosity, how'd you know I got bullied? :o
      sorry if I sounded rude in any way, I don't mean to!

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        because just like me a lot of people get harassment on furaffinty ,this is sadly why i left the fandom,but hey i still got my fav character DewDrop

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          Ah, same here on deviantart, it was like they were trying to chase me off the internet.. :< but I didn't leave the fandom cos well, you can still be a furry and not take part in the fandom! ^w^ cos remember, being a furry is also an interest just like gamers, whovians, and otakus! :3 although something that bothers me is that they always say "the furry fandom is welcoming and supportive!" but not everyone, you still get mad ranters throwing tantrums about other users and starting dramas. this is something I don't like to see, some people really need to keep their horrible words to themselves.. ╮(╯-╰)╭ sorry if I sounded rude or anything! just thought I'd share an opinion ^-^;