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World Snake Day - Prince by Haubitze

World Snake Day - Prince


SO I HEARD today is world snake day! I’ve posted some local wild snakes, but today I wanted to talk about a special guy that got me through a lot of bad stuff when I was a kid.

This is Prince. Unfortunately he’s no longer with us, but he made such a massive impact on my life when I was growing up, I wanted to talk about him for just a short moment. I got Prince when I was a small child, he was just a regular ball python, not a special morph or anything, I didn’t need a flashy designer pet. I just wanted a snake friend. In 5th grade, I was molested for several months by one of my father’s friends (this is after my father passed away). Prince kept me sane, he slept in bed with me every night, curled up by my neck, under my chin. He made me feel protected. Over the years of my mom remarrying, divorcing, my health problems, and all other issues… Prince was there for me. Even if he was about to shed and was a little grumpy, he never complained if I just needed to.. hold him for a while. He was with me for 13 years.

I’ve been without a snake now for a few years, I didn’t want to rush into getting another because I felt like I would be trying to replace Prince. However, I’m gearing up to add a new friend to my family before the end of the year. I’ve decided to go with a red tail boa, maybe even a sunglow!

So… yeah. My brain is fried from the heat, and I’m pretty rambly today, but I really wanted to talk about one of my best friends. I miss him dearly. (Also note, the photo obviously wasn’t taken this year. This picture is SUPER OLD. When I decided to watermark everything, I was lazy. sorry!)

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